im at work and my sinuses are acting up real bad… but i dont have any sinus medicine here?

Q:is there anything that i can do to make it ease up?
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Dont waste your time with homemade fixes….there is a time and place for homeopathy, but getting rid of a painful sinus infection is not the time to try these….go and get a prescription for antibiotics…they work fast and you will appreciate my advise…don’t fool around or you will continue to suffer.
if you have access to salt and warm water you can make a saline solution that should clear you right up….its 2 parts salt to 1 part water…use 1 tbs very warm water and 2 tbs salt mix well and just use a straw to drip it into the nasal cavity, well help loosen up the stuff make yourself a hot steamy cup of coffee or tea and sit at your desk with your nostrils over the steam…….maybe it’ll open up your head and it’ll drain out…………..just don’t drink the coffee
Acupressure sometimes helps me. Find the spot next to your nose where your cheekbone meets your upper jaw. Press there with your fingertip (you can do both sides at once). Pressing right at the lower corners of your nose (the widest point of your nostrils) can help too. Your temples and right between your eyes may help as well, especially if you have a headache.It’s not a cure-all, but could bring you some short-term relief. Good luck!
drink lots of hot liquids get as much steam in your face as possiblegargle with salt watermake an appt. w/ dr.go get some grapeseed extract capsules – Wal-Mart has them.they work good for metake 2 in am/ 2 at bedtime for 3 days
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