What is the best place to buy vitamins that are completely natural.?

Q:gnc, natures pride?internet local health store?
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What do you mean by “completely natural?” Made by all natural ingredients? If you go to any health food stores, you can find all kinds of vitamins that claims to be 100% natural.I personal feeling is, there is no such thing as 100% natural tablets of anything. The ingredients may be natural, but when you process something that much so that it becomes a powder, then to a pill, there’s nothing natural about it.I prefer to take my vitamins by eating vegetables and fruits. There is still no documented benefits of taking over the counter vitamins, and vitamins aren’t even FDA approved. Vegetables and fruits tastes much better, too….
Shaklee is truly natural. Some other sources claim to be natural but legally a company can say their products are natural when they are as little as 15% natural. Let me know if you would like a Shaklee website. any health food store
Several good places to buy natural vitamins. – Find a holistic health center in your area (maybe chiropractor) – Good health food store (Whole Foods, Fresh Market) – I work for a company that deals with natural vitamins and several other healthy alternatives – you can visit my website and and leave your info and I will turn you on to the company (no selling products) I just turn people on to the company www.brightwomen/BE108836 – Try doing a search for a Sunrise Farm in your area – they have great productsGood Luck!
I trust “Nature’s Sunshine” vitamins implicitly. They are not cheap, but absolutely the purest brand I know of. Go to: * http://www.naturessunshine.com/products/catalog/index.asp .
When you said Natural, I am thinking which are not made using chemicals.I know a company which makes Vitamins and Mineral supplements from Plants, with no chemicals. So there are no side effects.If it is what you meant then I can give you the company details
Completely natural?Your local farmers market. Look for green things called vegetables. Seriously.
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