Alcohol and cigarettes are legal but not cocaine. Why?

Q:Tobacco and drink cause more social and health problems than coke ever did, so why do governments cosy up to those companies that choose to manipulate people into destroying their health and robbing them at the same time?The criminal factor associated with the supply of cocaine is only due to its high cost because it’s illegal, so that in itself isn’t a justifiable reason. I heard it was something to do with financing the civil war in Nicaragua, but I could be wrong.I’m not trying to justify its use by kids or anything, so don’t guilt-trip me. I just think it’s hypocritical of the State to ban something on health grounds when they let folks smoke and drink even though they know the implications of it.
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You are right about the CIA letting cocaine into the US, in fact Aer America transported it from supplier to seller. They allowed it in Vietnam, they had to or they would have had mutiny on their hands. Drink and cigs are dangerous as is cocaine, all are addictive and all can kill, but let me tell you there are better drugs out there and better drugs for you. Here is a little fact for you, Alcohol kills more people each year than Cocaine, Heroin, and pot put together. And people will say “oh but alcohol has been the acceptable norm for which people of all types have congregated to socialise etc etc etc” . I can prove pot is better, say you are at a concert or a ball game and someone is really obnoxious and aggressive and violent! Are they (a) Drunk or (b) Smoking Pot. yes you are absolutely correct the answer is of course (a) Why ? Because its F**kin impossible to get aggressive or violent with Pot. So not only do I think Pot should be legalised, I think it should be mandatory. And about this taxing idea that they only allow drink and cigs because they can tax them, naa, you see if they legalised Pot they could tax that too, so that is not why they don’t legalise it. And for all you good honest people out there who drink but “don’t do drugs” do me a favour, all them CD’s and records you have bought throughout your lifetime – f**k them in the bin, cause guess what, yeah that’s right, all those musicians, yep, real f**kin high, rumour has it they had to peel Ringo off the ceiling as they were writing Yellow Submarine, don’t ye get it now, Y E L L O W S U B M A R I N E, and as for White Christmas, yeah that’s right, and wait till I tell you where Santa came about, in fact look it up yourselves, get on the web and look up Magic Mushrooms. By the way it is not our governments who are to blame for bans on this and that it is in fact us. Never forget there are many many millions of us and only a handful of them but yet they control us, hmmmmmm that doesn’t make sense. Surely with all that’s going wrong in the world today, we can take back control of our country’s and our lives which we slowly let slip into the hands of greedy men. Business men run this world and pay for and put politicians in to do their work, put it to you this way – Do you or anyone else seriously believe George W Bush runs the US, dudes he cant even write let alone make a decision. I’m afraid its back to Rome we have to go and look at the way men sacrificed their sons, brothers etc to stay in power, which is what daddy Bush is doing by letting his dumbest son take the fall, poor GW. America – World Police – F**K Yeah. The US drug policy is made from lies and enforced by idiots.Don’t beleive what you learn in D.A.R.E. class kiddies..Why is the government deciding laws based on victimless activities?All drugs should be legal! Stop over crouding our prisons! No country has more citizens imprisoned. Every other country that legalizes the stuff sees dramatic drops in crime.
That is because cocaine is illegal and it is hard to get. Tobacco and alcohol are easily accessible. What would happen if cocaine was legal, more stuff would happen. Because the government draws taxes from them.
I think it’s a load of crap too. Alcohol and cigarettes kill more people than marijuana and cocaine put together. Alcohol destroys more lives. It not only affects the people that drink it, but also the people around them. Like drunk driving and people that can’t control themselves (by abuse to their children, wife, and etc.). At least when your on cocaine or marijuana it doesn’t affect your driving even though they say it does. The people that were high and had a wreck couldn’t drive in the first place and they just blame it on the drugs. Marijuana makes you lazy so your not going to get up and beat your wife or child. It mellows you out. If more people smoked marijuana, I think the world would be a better place. I know plenty of people that smoke marijuana and their life is pretty good. I don’t know of anyone on cocaine, but that drug is a whole other subject. I am pretty sure if the government or whoever could make money off of these drugs, they would be in stores right now. We are getting to much tax money from sale of one and two..not three.Money talks!!
If they were new additions to the world, then they wouldn’t be legalised, it’s only due to the facst that they have been in common use for so long that they are still legal. drugs are over rated/ It’s all about moderation in everything you do. There’s alot of things that can kill you if u over indulge. The Government Don’t know what to do about it IT’S ALL ABOUT WE THE PEOPLE AND WHAT WE WANT TO DO ABOUT IT! Cause I know our system is over loaded with drug dealers and it’s a shame/ maybe the DOCTORS SHOULD GO TO Prision for dealing Prescription drugs ( Point to ponder) just my VIEW Here’s another Point to Ponder Y do we have a depressant as a social drug for us to socialize with /shouldn’t it be an upper
cocaine makes people more violent will make you crazy in short period of time .cocaine 100 times powerfull than cigarettes and alcohol .withdrawls may force you to do anything to buy it. there are few raesons1) politicans and police officers get more money from bribes than they would get if drugs would be legalized2) it does do more harm from medical point of view and influence psychologial health more than alcohol and cigarets, so it is illegal to protect kids from becoming freaks, and mixed coke with alcohol leads to impotence3) im personally against legalizing it, the only what i agree with legalizn is marihuana, i myself dont drink , do drugs, or smoke,
It may have something to do with the fact that there is a criminal connection with the money made on cocaine and they own the government. If it was legal then the criminals would be out of business and would no longer be able to pay off the government. Ask yourself how much revenue is raised in taxes from tobacco and alcohol what could be gained by legalising cocaine?G
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