What is a "medical workup"? It is some type of medical treatment but what does it involve?

Q:I’m going to a new doctor who offers this type of treatment (among others). What is a medical workup? When is it used? I think it may be an alternative treatment so thats why I’m classifying it under “alternative medicine” but I really dont know.
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When I hear Medical Workup I usually think of a Complete Physical. This involves routine blood studies that you fast for (nothing to eat or drink, except water- 12 hours before testing) A Ekg ( to check your heart) and a overall exam of your body. Source(s):I work in a doctors office! It’s pretty much a physical and an assessment of your family history. Nothing to be worried about. No real treatment involved. It’s just your new doctor trying to get to know you a little better so that he can treat you better when you get sick, and can better help you prevent things such as diabetes, heart disease and other ailments that you may be at risk for. In other words, it’s your doctor being a good doctor! 🙂
As the others here have said, we are talking about a complete physical exam. Besides asking you a number of questions about your family and personal history and lifestyle, you can expect to have the following done: listening to your chest, looking in your eyes/ears/throat, palpating your belly, taking a blood and urine test, maybe an EKG and chest x-ray, palpating your testicles and your prostate. There are a few other options depending on your age and risk factors, but the above are pretty standard. A medical workup is a full physical including blood tests.
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