what causes tongue fungus?

Q:tounge heavly coated white
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Sleeping with your mouth open, poor dental hygeine and ermm… fungus.
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Thrush occurs when the normal balance of bacteria in the mouth becomes unbalanced (have you taken any antibiotics lately)? Inhalation steroids may also cause thrush if you don’t rinse your mouth after using them. Other factors explained on sites below.
WOW gotta tell ya in looking up something on the Internet for you just now I have seen the most disgusting pictures like EVER. Now my eyes might fall out. Anyway from what you are describing and what I have read it SOUNDS like you might just need to use a tongue scraper when you brush and the follow up with a good strong mouth wash. Might want to try eating more yogurt as well. Good luck with that Buddy and go you for having the cajones to admit that on here. 🙂 Much Peace isn’t it bacteria? you can buy those tongue scrapers, you should do it every day
Messy girls… ; – )
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crack licking!
milk not enough vitamins
It is called ‘thrush’ and can be caused by taking antibiotics OR if your immune system is depressed. You need a special mouthwash to get rid of it. Call a doctor or go to a clinic.
its called oral thrush. rince ur mouth if u r on oral steroids for asthma. maintain good oral hygiene. wash ur mouth properly. else, try drug ‘metronidazole’ 500 mg three times a day . its with brand name METROGYL .
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