If you’re not on medication, is there anything to take at home for high blood pressure?

Q:If you’re not on medication, is there anything to take at home for high blood pressure?
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depends how high your blood pressure is and your age, if you think its above 140/90 i would seek medical advice i dont think there is any over the counter medication you can buy
Ibuprofen?! Don’t listen to that idiot. There really isn’t much you can do at home that is quick. Eating garlic will lower it a bit, but probably not enough for you to actually feel better. Losing weight, exercising, eating low cholesterol foods, adding good cholesterol such as virgin olive oil to your diet all will lower your blood pressure but it will take a few days before you notice an improvement. Do see a doctor though if you have insurance or can afford it in any way. I can tell when my bp is up and if I run out of meds before I refill them, I feel like I’m about to die. Don’t mess around with it. The longer it is high, the more damaging you are doing to your blood vessels in organs such as kidneys.
ibuprofenEDIT: Ibuprofen and Aspirin are anti-inflammatory medications. If you have Hypertension, there is inflammation going on somewhere. People who have hypertension sometimes get prescribed 800mg of IBUPROFEN to bring it down. It is best to seek medical care from your doctor first and see what they have to say about it. They say if you are having signs/symptoms of a heart attack or stroke, take an aspirin or ibuprofen.
All those answers are okay, but if you want the cutting edge technology you need to find Transfer Factor Cardio from 4Life Research. My blood pressure went up to 170/135 and I used this stuff and within 2 months it was down to 132/78.I’m still overweight but I feel great. I liked it so well that I became a distributor and sell Transfer Factor now.You can find it at http://www.my4life.com/panewasher.
If you have high blood pressure, you should be under a doctors care. High blood pressure can lead to many health complications like enlarged heart, kidney failure, vasculature disease (heart attacks, strokes, etc.), and aneurysms. Please don’t put off getting medical attention. As for what you can do at home. get rid of all the salt, and salty foods in your house. Patients with HBP are usually put on a No Added Salt, or 2gm per day diet, so the person should start getting accustomed to it. Water binds with salt and increases blood volume, which in turn increases already high blood pressure. There isn’t ANYTHING you can eat or do at home that will bring down the blood pressure enough for a person who’s been diagnosed.GET MEDICAL ATTENTION ASAP!
Yes, absolutely. Assuming that you are an intelligent person and you’re not going to self-medicate a condition that is life-threatening, there are some very smart things to do at home.You probably already know that you need to 1) get plenty of exercise; 2) lose weight if you need to; 3) stop smoking if you do; 4) drink no more than 1 or 2 cups of coffee; 5) drink no more than 1 ounce per day of liquor; and 6) use a moderate amount of salt & cut back on processed foods.Then try to determine why you have high blood pressure. Several things can cause it. If you’re relatively slender & active and under 40 years of age and this came on fairly quickly, you may have 1) impaired kidney function (does your lower back hurt?) or 2) imbalance in minerals (muscle cramping?).If you’re over 50 and overweight and inactive, have you had your blood lipids checked? Is your cholesterol high? Triglycerides? What’s your diet like? Have you gone off all saturated fats?Hawthorn berries increase blood flow through the heart and strengthen it. Linden flower improves circulation & helps you relax when you’re stressed. Dandelion root is a mild beta-blocker & natural diuretic that also contains Potassium, an important blood pressure regulator. Garlic actually breaks up cholesterol deposits and gets rid of them – also thins the blood.Supplement with 400 I.U. Vitamin E, Vitamin B complex, Zinc, Magnesium. For immediate relief, Herbs, Etc. makes a liquid extract called HB Pressure Tonic that will take your numbers down while you work on the cause. For kidney inflammation, take Kidney Rejuvenator – it works wonders on b.p. elevated by impaired function. You can find it at natural foods stores or check it out at http://www.ndmnutrition.com/kidney%20rej.
Lots of deep, slow breaths.Meditation–in ANY form–does wonders for the entire body.
First watch your stress/temperment level. Though these are not “medicines”, they play a roll in helping to maintain a “normal” blood pressure. Also, watch your salt intake and read the sodium levels on all foods you eat. I know this isn’t “at home medicines”, but some of the best “at home medicines” are what you can do without medicine being involved. You did it yourself. If you have symptoms of high blood pressure: sweating, excessively hot, overly fatiqued, fainting, etc., see your doc for a bp check. If you’re concerned about it, and even if you’re not, have your blood pressure checked regularly. High blood pressure is one of the #1 causes of strokes and heart attacks.
There are some things u could do to help lower high blood pressure naturally … avoid salt , fried food, eat food that are high in fiber.keep your weight down and things like essentail fatty acids(flaxseed, black current oil are important for circulation and lowering blood pressureCalcium and Magnesium helps maintain a normal heart rhythem and muscular contraction Garlic ” Kyolic” is effective in lowering blood pressure vit E improves heart function
Cayenne pepper
Exercise can lower blood pressure, but please get checked out by a doctor. There is good reason that high blood pressure is called the “silent killer”!
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