Can you eat a small amount of vicks vapor rup?

Q:I ask this question, Early becauce i was told that back in the old days some people would use this to ease their colds.Me mydelf thought it was kind of crazy.And no i have not tried this yet.I, just need some help here.Thanks
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It won’t kill you. It is vaseline with menthol.
I would not recommend that you eat Vics Vapor Rub. It not only tastes nasty, but it would not serve its purpose it you ate it. If you have a scratchy throat and feel the flu coming on, I would highly recommend throat lozenges. The vics vapor rub is used to rub on your chest or a little under your nose. Another thing that will truely help your symptoms here is Melaleuca Oil, for which it available at most drug stores or health food stores. Place a few drop under your nose. Also place several drops in a vaporizor at night and allow yourself to breath it in. It works faster and does wonders! If you are interested in the melaleuca oil in its rarest form, which is best, I have some available that I could sell to you. Drop me an e-mail if you are interested. I hope that this helps!
UMMMMMM well yes its kk to eat a little tiny bit because i do it all the time when my throat hurts so go for it and it really works!
My grandmother is from the country and I asked this question to her she says every year she get a cold she put a little vicks under her nose,on her chest under both feet and a spoonful in her mouth and my grandmother is 73 years old
You can eat a small amount and it won’t hurt ya. It is good for sore throat, congestion and cough.
Find a better treatment.Diarrhea from this could burn a bit.
i wouldn’t suggest it – it tastes nasty.but – one of my kids did it.LOL. i called the poison control number and they said no big’ll pass through. LOL.(i don’t think it’ll do squat for your cold, though.menthol works via inhalation.not ingestion 😉 )
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