I suffer alot of pain in my knees, hands, lower back, and neck…?

Q:I was thinking of joining yoga, does anyone think this will help me????I was on anti-inflam drugs, but didn’t help much… also am in Physiotherapy, is helpin a bit but still alot of pain…..
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Try glucosamine sulphate tablets from the health shop. ,They really work to take aches and pains away. They take a long time to get into your system…. about a month so you have to be patient. I know loads of people who take them and say they do them good.You could also ask your GP for a blood test for Polymyalgia because that makes you have really bad pains all over the body. Not many people have heard of this illness . The dr would prescribe steroids which would take the pain away immediately.
Any gentle exercise will help to keep joints supple.Glucosamine will help, but I know a product that not only contains glucosamine but 7 other biological complex carbohydrates that will add to the benefits. Why try one, when you can times the effects by 8?Due to the stupidity of government regulations I am not allowed to mention the product name, how daft is that? I have been using it for 3 years and it has not only sorted out my joint problems, but various other ailments too. The products contents were formulated from the science of glycobiology, which took 4 Nobel Prizes, so we are not talking Snake Oil here.For information on the science behind all ailments you would be advised to take a look at the following website. www.skin-gi.comThis stuff works.Take care and good luck
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