is Aubrey de Grey our savior?

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hi the process is called cloning the other way to do it only works on gold crystal red blue yellow and silver. the way to do it is…:1. go to bills pc2. deposit the pokemon you want to clone in an empty box3. change box 4. whilst the game is saving when you change box turn the game off5. turn on 6. you should have the same pokemon in your party and in your box!to clone items as well just make the pokemon your cloning hold the item you want to clone. you can clone a pokemon as many times as you want.You need and try to catch the shadow pokemon your first try! They are easier and not as hard to find again. Some of them you will only have one shot at. It really sucks when you beat the game and your missing one shadow pokemon. Then you don’the get Ho-oh or Togetic! So here is a list of all the Shadow pokemon. Try to get them all at the start! Espeon- Level 25- StarterUmbreon- Level 26- StarterMakuhita- Level 30- Minor B’s Underling TroyBayleef- Level 30- Mysterious Combatant Verde Quilava- Level 30- Mysterious Combatant Lasso Croconaw- Level 30- Myterious Combatant BrunoFurret- Level 33- Rogue MasMisdreavus- Level 30- Rider SenyoNoctowl- Level 30- Rider BopFlaafy- Level 30- Street Performer CheleseSkiploom- Level 30- Rider LapsoQuagsire- Level 30- Bandana Raskal PickSlugma- Level 30- Rollerboy TooneYanma- Level 33- Shadow Combatant WildRemoraid- Level 20- Minor B’s Underling BressMantine- Level 33- Minor B’s Underling SuelaQuilfish- Level 33- Hunter TankaMedidite- Level 33- Rider ReedDunsparce- Level 33- Rider NatulaSwablu- Level 33- Hunter TolemoSudowoodo- Level 35- Shadow Leader Minor BPlusle- Level 13- Receive from DukingHitmontop- Level 38- Shadow Combatant CowapEntei- Level 40- SHadow Leader DakeemLedian- Level 40- Shadow Combatant ColgaSuicune- Level 40- Shadow Leader VeunsGligar- Level 43- Hunter HesityStantler- Level 43- Chaser ShinerPiloswine- Level 43- Vain WeesSneasel- Level 43- Rider RaruAipom- Level 43- Shadow Combatant GakuMurkrow- Level 43- Shadow Combatant RicossForretress- Level 43- Shadow Combatant MarleAriados- Level 43- Shadow Combatant GabeachGranbull- Level 43- Shadow Combatant FiaVibrava- Level 43- SHadow Combatant IzunaRaikou- Level 40- Shadow Leader BorgDelibird- Level 45- Shadow Combantant ZaileSunflora- Level 45- Shadow Combantant JeannieHeracross- Level 45- Shadow Combantant PotonSkarmory- Level 47- Team Snagem Boss HergonzaMiltank- Level 48- Vain LanbeeAbsol- Level 48- Rider E.G.Houndoom- Level 48- Shadow Combantant EndyTropius- Level 49- Shadow Combantant LastyMetagross- Level 50- Shadow Combantant JyakilaTyranitar- Level 55- Shadow Boss WaldakSmeargle- Level 45- Team Snagem SabuUrsaring- Level 45- Team Snagem MisangoShuckle- Level 45- BOTOMU King ZoldanTogetic- Level 20- False Player FakePikachu- Level 10- Gift with Silver Poké CouponPokemon XD is most known for the fact that the legendary Pokemon Lugia is a Shadow Pokemon. Thus, the Snag Machine returns, and an introduction of a new item (the Aura Reader) tells how the main character will find the Shadow Pokemon.XD takes place five years after the close of Colosseum, and Cipher appears again as the nemesis. We do know that the hero (a boy named Michael) will travel through the deserts of Orre in a moped. Yes, a moped.Though Pokemon XD will apparently be compatible with previous games (including the Advanced Generation), it does have at least two appearances of fourth-gen Pokemon. It’s unknown whether you will be able to catch them — if you do, it may possible to trade them the same way as the Time Machine in Pokemon G/S/C. You will be asked to search for a lost Bonsly (Sudowoodo’s pre-evolution), and Munchlax will also have a cameo.Shown below is a list of confirmed Snaggable Pokemon.Eevee (starter)ButterfreeArbokPikachuVulpixParasectFarfetch’dTangelaArticunoZapdosMoltresLedybaMareepTeddiursaHoundourPoochyenaSeedotRaltsShroomishDelcattyPlusleMinunGulpinCarvanhaAltariaZangooseLunatoneBaltoySphealMetang (Possibly only in the demo)LugiaIt’s also possible that Snorlax, Munchlax and Bonsly will be available for catching.In XD, Pokemon will learn certain attacks while they are being purified. The attacks are as follows:Mareep – Heal BellSpheal – CharmMetang – RefreshThere is a mysterious move tutor in XD who caters only to Mew. If you catch a Mew in Emerald and trade it, the man will ask you a few questions. Answer them correctly, and he will teach Mew four moves out of a huge list. As in, over 100 attacks. Some aren’t TMs or GBA move tutors.If you looked at the list above, you’ll notice that you start out with an Eevee. In Colosseum, we all know that you could only have an Espeon and an Umbreon. But in XD, you will be able to evolve Eevee into any Pokemon — but not by time of day. Early on, you’ll enter a shop where you can buy one of five different items to evolve your Eevee. They are the Water Stone, Thunder Stone, Fire Stone, Moon Shard, and Sun Shard.Not only are there new attacks Pokemon can learn during purification, there are also thirteen different Shadow attacks. One of them is the well-known Shadow Rush from Colosseum, but the rest are all new.Shadow Rush — causes recoil, may cause Hyper Mode (Zangoose)Shadow Blitz — hits once or twice (Mareep, Teddiursa)Shadow Wave — hits both opponents (Seedot, Spheal)Shadow Rave — more powerful Shadow Wave (Tangela, Altaria)Shadow Half — Cuts all Pokemon’s HP by half (Arbok)Shadow Mist — lowers the opponent’s Evasion (Teddiursa, Baltoy)Shadow Remove — destroys Reflect and Light Screen (Ledyba, Mareep, Houndour)Shadow Hold — keeps the opponents from fleeing (Vulpix, Poochyena, Gulpin)Shadow Panic — Confuses the opponent (Farfetch’d)Shadow Freeze — very powerful, may Freeze the opponent (Articuno learns this)Shadow Thunder — very powerful, may Paralyze the opponent (Zapdos learns this)Shadow Fire — very powerful, may Burn the opponent (Moltres learns this)Shadow Blast — very powerful (Lugia learns this)It will be possible to catch wild Pokemon in XD. However, it will not be random battles — you will enter an area and one wild Pokemon at a time will be there to fight. Also, Munchlax is seen in the “Pokespot”… Does that mean he’s obtainable? Nobody knows. It has been confirmed that Sandshrew appears here as a wild Pokemon.A pre-order bonus for Pokemon XD has been announced. If you pre-order XD (starting August 28th), you will receive a new skin for your GameCube featuring Shadow Lugia and the legendary birds. The American release date is apparently October 3rd.If you use the Call command on a Pokemon that is not asleep or in Hyper Mode, its accuracy raises by one level.They’ll have a great opening movie, apparently: involving Shadow Lugia plucking a cargo ship out of the ocean.There are a couple of Pokémon you can snag from Miror B only, eg. Voltorb and Dragonite (there may be more, I don’t remember). Also, if you have missed a Pokémon -failed to snag it- you can later catch it from Miror B.That Miror B gear tells you if Miror B is close, allowing you to find him, battle him, and snag his shadow Pokémon. He changes his location if you don’t battle him soon enough, and you’ll lose the signal. You might get the signal again somewhere else. After you’ve snagged the last shadow, he’ll break the gear and you’ll lost the signal forever, meaning that you can’t run into him again. (Of course the person itself doesn’t disappear, you just can’t battle him anymore. His last and stable location is… well, find it out yourself. It’s not important, but it’d lost some fun of the game if I told you everything.) I think they use Attack and Defense for physical hits that can eg. activate Effect Spore or Rough Skin, Special Attack and Special Defense for moves that cause damage indirectly. Those stat-lowering shadow moves, well, I have no idea. But I also believe offensive shadow moves are more physical than special, meaning that you can’t use Mirror Coat to counter them… I haven’t tried it, though. I prefer XD (the Lugia one) to Colosseum. It has 84 shadow Pokemon (among them, the three Birds (Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres), a bunch of Pokemon you can’t get in R/S/E and it’s a better game IMO. And you can trade between your GBA (very helpful if, say you have a Graveller and no friend to trade to get a Golem.) and there is a colosseum where friends can battle. I’d say go with XD, but Colosseum is cheaper, wheras XD is still full price.There is always a 2nd way to catch a Shadow Pokémon that you missed the first time. For Remoraid, go to where you beat Miror B. in Pyrite Cave. Evice will be there. Battle him (he’s a lot easier this time), and he will use Shadow Remoraid and Shadow Mantine (if you also missed catching that Mantine). Defeat the elite four and your rival. Go to the unknown dungeon and Mewtwo is at the end. Use your last ultra ball to capture him.Once you have mewtwo go back a face the elite four and your rival.Keep using Psychic and Swift to defeat the opponents. Mewtwo will gain lots of Exp. points and will level up at least 2 levels each time. Mewtwo will be able to eventually learn mist, amnesia, and thunder. No, there aren’t any cheat codes for Pokemon XD (only hints, FAQs, game saves and maybe glitches! ), unless you are talking about GameShark or Action Replay…check this Website out if you have a Pro Action Replay in your hands, otherwise you may want to buy one for your GameCube only.Back in the days, they used to allow you to input many cheat codes by using the controller…but now, it has not been the case. The only games that I know for sure that can allow you to input cheat codes still today is the Grand Theft Auto series. However, Rockstar Games may probably stop this soon!Sandslash, Kadabra, Gengar, Starmie, Electrode, and Articuno should do you right. It’s what I used at least. did u go to the port and get his shadow dragonite if u did go u should to to the orre colosseum beat it then u get a mail from beluh and she tell u u do something for her so u go to her then u will find out wat u have to do because i beat the whole game, caught all of the pokemon including dragonite and purifide them all. now your saying i have to beat the orre colisseum, if i have to what does the lady in agate village want me to do? then she will tell u that all the pokemon are acting strange talk to all the pokemon and they wont say a thing because they all are mute because all the people got a thing from kaimano (the guy that made the robot pokemon groundon) take to him to get the wat to fix it and try to fix all of them and in the end u get a luckly egg lucky egg adds to experience points in battle You have to go to Mt. battle and beat all of the challenges and at the end you get one of the joto starters.(go through three times to get all of them) I believe you can’t beat Orre Colosseum without proper (EV) training, because this time Pokémon levels aren’t the key to the victory. Believe me, I had a balanced team with average movesets (no combos this time, though) but opponent had faster and stronger Pokémon, so I lost quickly. I’m not sure if you have to beat OC (heh) with the Pokémon obtained during the adventure. I will try traded Pokémon. I would never beat OC with my storymode Pokémon of the best things in the whole game is that you get the eevee and a chance to evolve it into the pokemon u want… vaporeon is a very good option, because of its high hp, although I think I’m chosing jolteon… The other Shadow Pokémon not previously listed are: Snorunt, Pineco, Natu, Roselia, Meowth, Swinub, Spearow, Grimer, Seel, Nosepass, Growlithe, Shellder, Beedrill, Pidgeotto, Magneton, Venomoth, Weepinbell, Primeape, Hypno, Golduck, Raticate, Dodrio, Kangaskan, Banette, Magmar, Pinsir, Magcargo, Rapidash, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Lickitung, Scyther, Chansey, Solrock, Starmie, Electabuzz, Swellow, Poliwrath, Mr. Mime, Dugtrio, Manectric, Salamence, Marowak, Lapras, Rhydon, Exeggcutor, and Dragonite (the strongest). The previous info was right about Snorlax being a Shadow Pokémon, but Pikachu is not a Shadow Pokémon or obtainable in any other way except trading. This makes a total of 83 Shadow Pokémon. Phanpy (got it) is also available at a Pokéspot as a wild Pokémon. You can’t catch Bonsly. You can trade Duking Trapinch for Meditite and Wooper for Larvitar. You can obtain Chikorita with Frenzy Plant, Cyndaquil with Blast Burn, or Totodile with Hydro Cannon by beating Mt. Battle. Do it 3 times to get them all. This makes a grand total of 98 evolution groups available in-game.Refresh, Charm, Sing, Heal Bell, Helping Hand, Baton Pass, Morning Sun, Sweet Kiss, and Follow Me are all available for the 1st time on at least 3 Shadow Pokémon. Togepi also learns Tri Attack, Lugia – Feather Dance and Psycho Boost, Articuno – Extrasensory and Haze, Zapdos – Extrasensory and Metal Sound, and Moltres – Extrasensory and Will-o-wisp which were all previously unlearnable. Mew’s Move Tutor exclusively allows Mew to learn Faint Attack, Fake Out, Hypnosis, Night Shade, Trick, and Zap Cannon.Shadow Rave has a base power of 70. Shadow Panic confuses both opponents. Shadow Down lowers both opponents’ defense. Shadow Chill (not Freeze), Shadow Bolt (not Thunder), Shadow Fire, and Shadow Break all have a base power of 75. Shadow Storm hits both opponents with a combined base power of 95. Shadow Sky creates a shadow weather effect that damages non-Shadow Pokémon each turn. Shadow End has a base power of 120, but with only 60% accuracy, plus it gives recoil damage to the user. Finally, Shadow Lugia’s signature attack, Shadow Blast, has a base power of 80.Remember what Emili’s mum used to say about the mysterious man as the main character of her new story? She was right, I just couldn’t believe her story back then. (Emili is Jovi’s friend, just to remind)I don’t think it’d be nice to drive the Robo Kyogre… if you were able to see how my character walks when I’m trying to move him… he looks like as if he was drunk. Move that Kyogre then, it’d be a huge crash. the boss in colosseum,evice,is much harder to beat than the true boss in xd,greevil,he just has dark lugia,the 3 dark legendary birds and a dark exeggutor,tauros,and rydon(7 pokemon altogether)if you have troble with greevil,just keep a space empty in your team,capture lugia,(lugia will be in your team now)and then use lugia to slowly beat up his dark pokemon.oh yeah,make sure you have a lot of timer balls so you can capture greevils pokemon easily,it works great,and you can’t lose to him like this!!!!
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