Can anyone help me please?

Q:I’ve got ‘burning’ hands, I think it could be poor circulation, they are hot all the time, but in the summer seem to ‘burn’, is there anything I can do about it? Please don’t tell me to see a doctor, I really don’t like them. Thank you for your help.
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Doctors are crap i only c 1 if i’m dyin lol! It’s prob this weather. Put them under cold water & mayb moisurise them. Try some hand exercises mayb? Thats the best advive i can gv hpe it helps! 😉 Maybe high blood oressure. Go down to your locql drug store and use one at the pharmacy.
Since you suspect it might be circulation, then the best treatment would be to stop sitting on them.Try wiggling your fingers like Dr. Evil too. If this doesn’t help, you might just have to bite the bullet and go see the quack. Just imagine the alternative though – if you end up losing your hands, there will be no more Yahoo!It isn’t sunburn is it?
I get something similar in my feet which is caused by poor circulation. I use a cooling spray on them which doesn’t actually help at all. Do you use your hands a lot? Well I know you do cos you type too much. It’s friction burn from speed-typing! Or it could be a sign of menopause.I’ll have a look for an alternative herb for you cos I know you allergic to rosemary. That’s typical cos rosemary is good for loads of things!
I went to visit my doctor last for the same symptoms..My fingers were tingling and they would turn blue on the tips sometimes. The problem was poor circulation. Since I am a smoker that was the reason for my problem. The advice he gave me was to stop smoking and it would get better. I had a friend who had this, it turned out to be Raynards disease (probably not spelt right ). The bad news if this is the case is that you’ll have to see a doctor, my mate is on medication for life but it is well under controll.
Hot hands are one of the signs of menopause, especially in your in your 30’s! I had the same problem and have started an early menopause and I’m only 31. seeing a doctor would be the best thing to do or u can check out wats on the internet
I would explore Chinese medicine, an ancient healing art and science, because these symptoms fit into their framework of “heat,” and “wind,” and related diagnostic concepts.
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