Are parasites the missing link to many diseases: Cancer, IBS, Crohns, Schizophrenia ?

Q:My limited research, follows the historic record of Ulcers, that were long considered to be caused by ‘psychosomatic origins’..finally a bacteria was found to be its cause.Now Crohns, a bacterial cause has been found.So these ‘bacteria’ are not that easy to be found, ie parasites.The symptoms that they can cause, either by corrupting the intestinal processing system, by infection or by its toxins, can cause mental symptoms, can cause malabsorption problems that can casue cancer, or may cause intestinal symptoms we call disease, ie IBS, or Crohns.The problem is that our current science is more focused on a narrow treatment of symptoms and not the true underlying cause that may have a spectrum of disorders or symptoms.Seems the profit in pharmaceutical drugs, that treat symptoms may be a problem of focus.So be careful the simple solution to a variety of symptoms, we call diseases, ie cancer, ibs, crohns…may be ‘parasites’.Good news the treatment is simple.
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That right there is scarey!!
Yes, I did some research of my own last year and found some of the same things. Also, antibiotics and other prescribed drugs used often cause an overgrowth of yeast in the intestines that causes some major problems too. Read “Gut Solutions” it has some interesting things in there about what I just said. They have a website too, I think it’s (? )
I think you might be right and as one person has mentioned and incorrectly, Crohn’s disease is Irritable Bowel, as a link posted below. My mother suffered from Chrohn’s disease so I think I know some about it (she eventually passed away due to this). But you are right I think about the profit in pharmaceutical drugs. My aunt also suffered from irritable bowel and seems I do too.
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