What are the best correspondence courses to take in natural/alterna. medicine?

Q:Accredited if possible but still send others!
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The School of Natural Healing, founded by, John R. Chrisotpher, is a top notch place. Dr. Christopher was one of the greatest herbalists in the modern era. Do some research on him and you will see. It’s amazing how many other hebal books reference his works. Here is the site: http://www.snh.cc/ Compare any other school you look at with them. Also get his great book titled with the same name you won’t be dissappointed.One more thing “accreditation” is something you should look into as well. There are many places that are “self accredited” which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Find out the meaning of “accreditiation” in actuality. The concept is in many cases a barrier to competetition. Take law schools for example. In California you can take the bar exam without going to an “accredited” law school. All potential attorneys must sit for this exam. If you pass you get your licence. If not, “Sorry Charlie”. Also in other states you can “read the law”, which is like an apprenticeship to a lawyer and you still have to pass the bar exam. If you get your licence either of these ways and even if you have practiced successfully in your state some other states won’t let you practice law because you didn’t go to an “accredited” school. There are some judges in states who apprenticed for law and have been on the bench for years and yet if they wanted to move to a particular state they probably wouldn’t be able to practice law. You probably won’t be able to get licensed in anything through correspondence so it’s good to be sure of what you want to do for people. There are many certifications you can get however. Licensing says you “may” do something legally (you’ve filled in the squares). Certification implies you “can” do something (some one or group has either trained you examined you or both). Here’s another example from the world. MD’s must be licensed to practice medicine. That means they “can” do anything that is in the scope of the medical profession legally (deliver babies, plastic surgery, etc). Any MD “may” do any pretty much any procedure on you because of his license. He may not be the best at it but he “may” do it legally. Certification comes in where another group of MD’s (board) says that he “can” do the procedure. He has the training and skill level and “can” do a good job at it. This is the “long” answer to your question. I hope it helps.Shalom I totally agree with the Herbsman. Dr. Richard Schultz I believe studied under him, and is amazing. I have been using his products for years, his story is incredible, and it will change what you ever thought you knew anout alternative healing! Check it out!
I am currently doing the courses with the school of natural healing.. that the others have posted above.Dr. Christpher was an AMAZING person and a BRILLIANT herbalist.They are very complete and demanding Look at the University of Miami’s School of Medicine.You can learn about the science of glyconutrients. Also read the info on my page.
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