Do you know any natural laxatives?

Q:stuff you can eat to make you go to the tiolet
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Buy prunes and put them in water, when they are soft the next day eat them, but you have to do this every day, and I bet you go to the toilet again like when you were 20 years old, good luck..☺
Drinking prune juice is the most well known.
pune juice, warm milk, purple grapes, oatmean, coffee and the best of all TAHITIAN NONI JUICE
Eat a balanced diet with enough fiber and drink plenty of water.
Senna, Calendula ,Bran,Flax Seed Oil,Apples and daily walking.
sauerkraut juice, prune juice, flax seed bread or oiland seeds?roughage of cabbage or veggies for bulk, or use serutan mixed in water! its natural.
Any thing that is considered roughage. Like cabbage, that’s a good one. Lettuce, celery, spinach, anything that is a vegetable and is green.Beans are another good laxative.Prunes and prune juice. Applesauce for some people. Anything with bran in it is also good.
Senna and Cascara sagrada are two herbal laxitives. A good 2 ounce dose of milk of magnesia cleans most folks right out too.
high fiber foods..try bran muffins, prunes, cashew nuts, broccoli, Metamucil is a natural laxative also.
8 glasses of water per day, 2 apples for breakfast per day and a teaspoon of flaxseed oil per day.
Prunes, onions, beetroot.To have normal BMs a person also needs to take 25 to 35 grams of fiber daily along with 6 to 8 glasses of water daily and reasonable amount of exercise.The Fiber needs to be a combination of insoluble and soluble fibers— that is as Natrual as you can get.Soluble Fiber bulks up the stool by absorbing fluids and Insoluble fiber causes the intestines to contract moving the digested food through the intestines.Insoluble fiber is all fruit, veggies including all greens and green beans, nuts, seeds and the bran that covers all grains and used in cereals. And the outer parts of beans.Soluble fiber is the inner part of all grains, beans, peas. Also, root veggies like potatoes, carrots, beets and turnips. And, of course the soluble fiber supplements like Metamucil (psyllium), Citrucel, Benefiber and Fiber Choice. All meats, seafood and all dairy products contain NO fiber.This is a short list but should get you started.
apple juice, applesauce, and prunes.
I have tried bran,have eaten “roughage” out the wazoo with no results.I have found prunes/prune juice and fruits to be the better laxative.Fruit is probably the best natural laxative as your body will respond IF you need the action of the laxative and will not respond if you don’t need the action.Though it has had it’s “toxins” taken out of it through processing,Castor Oil is an old but good natural laxative.To avoid needing laxatives,make sure that your diet contains alot of the good bowel needs. . . fruits,vegetables and water.Watch your medicine intake as some medicines can cause constipation/diarrhea etc.Avoid take out meals as they rarely contain not only proper nutrition but enough of the right things that will help with bowel elmination.
Have you tried running into the wall repeatedly?
beer and pizza. prune juice works wonders too.
Cabbage, pure juices, raisins
Coffee coffee coffee…Drink a big cup of it and within 15 minutes you should be ready to go. If not prune juice works well.Good luck
prunes and if you eat to many oranges that will do the trick
The answer is lots of fiber-rich foods and lots of liquids. For details on fiber-rich foods see the answer huggywell gave above. If you can’t or don’t want to eat all the fruits and vegetables necessary to be successful with this there are two natural supplements I would suggest. The links are included below. But don’t forget the liquids, especially water, they are really important. The fiber won’t work well without sufficient liquid. It wil just make you more constipated.
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