I need to know what kind of vitamins are good to take.?

Q:I have diabetes and need to boost my immune system, as well as take essential vitamins.I have been so sick and need help to not get so sick.
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. If you can afford to,. you would be best served to see a professional who can do a good assessment of your system to determine what your particular body needs. … There are systems such as “Hair Analysis” or Blood Analysis,.. which will allow a professional to analyse what your body has too little of and too much of. From that information they can determine what supplements you need. .. A good form of practitioner for this would be a Naturopathic Physician. You can find them listed in the Yellow Pages,.. if you live in the states. . Otherwise a good licensed nutritionist could probably provide the service as well…. If you just go out and start taking vitamins based upon what someone casually suggests to you,.. it is likely that you will be flushing your money down the toilet by taking vitamins etc.. that your body cannot use. …… Also,. you should know that there are certainly many dietary changes that are important to make towards addressing diabetes. . A good source of information pertaining to how to alleviate Diabetes is the following web page; http://www.mercola.com/article/diabetes/.
I would insist that u call a General Nutrition Center (GNC) they specialize in vitamins and everything. Just call them and tell them exactly what u told us in this question and they will tell u exactly exactly what u need. They arent expensive either…everything in their store is very affordable. If u need more info let me know.Also (if there is no GNC store near u) u can call one offline and talk to them about it and u can order offline at http://www.gnc.com/home/index.jsp..
try looking at walmart
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I suggest starting with Shaklee’s all natural Vita-Lea multivitamin/multimineral. I’ve used this multi for years and would never use any other.Why:A formula that provides 23 essential vitamins and minerals at clinically proven levels.Best disintegration time (Howard University Pharmaceutical Dept)Outside clinical trails to prove absorption and effectivenessPublished peer review medical journalsBalanced nutrients work togetherHighest standarsd for ingredient quality, purity, and efficacyWhat’s on the label is in the bottleProducts developed for scientific reasons, not “fads”50 years of quality and integrity100% money back guaranteeHope this is helpful and feel free to contact me with questions or the website. hi what is pink color prana?
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