Does anyone know if Hypnotheraphy works?

Q:I want to lose weight but I love sweet things but I also was sexually assault as a child. I know staying fat was my way of protecting myself. I am now ready to lose weight and keep it off. I thought I would try Hypnotheraphy to help me.
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Just like with medication, or any other type of treatment, nothing works 100% of the time, and everyone responds a little bit differently. Same goes with hypnotherapy. It is a legitimate discipline that has helped many people. Maybe it can help you too. It works for some, not all.
definitely hypnotherapy works in your case. it will completely eradicate the traumatic experience you had as a child. Best way to loose weight is to combine the effects of dieting with exercise.Two schools of thought: 1. Gradually increase increase exercise whilst reducing sweet things. 2. Stop all sugar intake and begin a rigourous routine of exercise.Depending on your willpower either method will work if you continue.If you’re weak willed Hypnotherapy will probably work.Strong willed give it all up.Weak willed hypnotherapy
It helps me a little.
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