whats a good home made sleep tonic?

Q:I used to have to take halcion to aide me in sleeping but after loosing my insurance i can not afford prescriptions. Is there any home sleep aide that will knock me out for a few hours so I can have some much needed rest?
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Homeopathic Treatment :-NUX VOMICA 30C half hour before bed time will have you sleeping like a baby just lay down after taking it and you will be sound asleep before you know it.Take care and God Bless you !
Herbal tinctures or tea can help. Read about them and decide what you want to try. Then find a health food store or order online—
When needed. we use two 25mg. diphenhydramine (generic benadryl) available just about anywhere. Give it about 20 minutes and head for bed.Melatonin also works quite well . . . 3 or 6 mg. Be ready to get into bed within 20 minutes though. This stuff works fast. Doesn’t leave you feeling groggy either, like sleep drugs can. A healthy remedy is warm milk. Say hello to a goodnight’s sleep that’s side effect free! Anyway, drink a large class before going to bed, and it’ll knock you out!
Try valerian root. I suggest getting the freeze-dried capsules.
try hyllands nerve tonic you can get it at walmart on the vitamin aisle for a little less than five dollars
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