how to get high?

Q:ways to get high, the real way- doing whipps
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breathe in oxygen and see what happens.
Go to the airport and get in an airplane with a liscenced pilot.
smoke weed Source(s):unknown
Climb any mountain
Try a flight in an airplane sitting by the window . look out the window , your high now ..Next step travel to Denver Colorado , the mile high city ..You be high there too..
Take a ball peen hammer Smack yourself five times in the forehead with the round endYou now know how Qualudes feel.
u r weird.
get high on life. drugs are bad m’kay
ppfftt.noob.i smoke crack!
dance!that will take you higher then all the buttfaces
MarijuanaAcidSchroomsSalviaPresciptionsCrackMethEctasyPeyoteSpeed Cocaine The list goes on…
grind 2 nutmeg nuts. eat. drink.. anything. it is the same as peyote.. do it. by the way . it tastes nasty. parishioners use it because it is legal
drugs duh
Take really big ladders 🙂
Go for a run. The endorphins rock!
Do not do whippits or whipps or any other kind of inhalent. That can seriously mess you up for life (if you don’t die). Don’t do drugs. Don’t drink. But if you have to get high, smoke weed.
well apart from alcohol I would recommend weed or shhrooms or even some prescription pills. Don’t do cocain, crack, X, LSD or heroin though. ever heard of a runner’s high?
Go to a Pentacostal tent revival and get high on Jesus!
Are you talking about whip-its (nitrous oxide)? Don’t put your mouth on the canister, it gets really cold and will freeze to your lips. Empty it into a balloon and then inhale it. Don’t do too much, you’ll get brain damage. You could also die from not getting enough oxygen.
Trying to kill yourself?
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