MARIJUANA – should it be legalized?

Q:MARIJUANA – should it be legalized?
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No it should not be legalized. Yeah why not shyt people love it
yes. same effect wit opium. yes people do it anyways so why not tax the hell out of them!
yes, people seem to be liking this question. gee i wonder why.. Yes in the USA it Should. We need the help with our balance of trade figures. It would immediately become taxable and help reduce other taxes. We could use tax revenue to fight against cocaine and crack cocaine or other stronger drugs.
Yes, we could tax it and get revenue for education and health care and not have to spend billions locking people up for a substance that is way less harmful than cigarettes or alcohol. yes.the government needs more fools to tax.other then that it is a great relaxant and if not cured with crap is very enjoyable
NO WAY! Maybe for medical use but not for anything else. My town only has 16,000 ppl and we have 3 police officers that are marijuna officers and like 10 drug officers but wait that’s not all we even have a ghetto that they have at least 4-5 drug busts a day. Of course everyone who hasn’t ever tried it will say no. And that’s always how their opinion will be, because they will never try it.But yes, it should be legalized. If they’re not going to do away with alcohol and cigs, then why not bring in something that isn’t physically addictive but still feels great? It’s not even half as bad as a tobacco cigarette, or a can of beer. I wrote an essay on it in 10th grade, WAY before I tried it, and I still hold the same opinion. I don’t smoke it every day, in fact I haven’t smoked any since April 21, but I’d like to be able to chill and smoke out every now and then legally. And don’t forget.drunk drivers kill, stoned drivers miss their exit.
YES. drinking is legal and its more dangerous than smoking pot. yup, learn how to spell it, oh, and by the way there is nothing wrong with gay people, only ignorant people, and your one of them, and your not so bright either,
Yes, considering that the reason it’s outlawed is because of racism and the Mormon religion. not sure..maybe
Medicinally speaking of course. Yeah why not. 😉 you DAMN straight it should be! alcohol and cigarettes are BY FAR way worse than the good ol stuff.
thats like asking if abortion should be legalized, which it shouldnt. this is what mr. dmv would say: i only smoke ground up baby fetus No.
Werd! absolutelyi have a prescription myselfas long as tobacco and alcohol are legal, noone really has any right to say marijuna shouldnt be, because both of those have far worse effects than pot does.
Personally, I think all drugs should be legalized. Yeah, I said it. Education is the key.
Yes, I think it should. yes, it’s earth made, not man made.
balls yeah Either way people would abuse it.
I really do think so. I don’t smoke anymore, but this isn’t man made like a lot of the others out there. Nature produced it so why not. Why is alcohol legal which is worse on someone, and is man made, but a plant is illegal and doesn’t nearly have the same effects. Yes, it’s no worse than alcohol or cigarettes.
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