Question for people who do homeopathy?

Q:I asked about getting a wisdom tooth pulled (tomarrow) in dental, but all who do homeopathy I was wondering, after the first few days of healing, what homeopathic remedys are good for pain and stuff involving removal of a tooth? I know that normal meds normally just surpress the symptoms w/ desease and such, not sure about pain meds, but I still rather do homeopathy after the 1st few days rather then w/e the dentist says i should do at 1st. let me know
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Arnica & hypericum.
Homeopathy :-If you are going to have the tooth extracted take a dose of ARNICA 1M(1000) a day before going to the dentist and one dose after,Its meant to prevent inflammation and for pain before any sort of surgery ARNICA 1M is suggested before and after surgery to prevent complications and to make the person heal more quickly. Wait till you feel the healing effects of Arnica.Take Care and God Bless you. Green tea with honey. Green tea is packed with antioxidants and honey is a natural antiseptic. Take a vitamin C supplement to help your body fight off any infections. Gargle with salt water.
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