Is there any EFFECTIVE alternative medicine that will help to stop smoking?

Q:Is there any EFFECTIVE alternative medicine that will help to stop smoking?
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olive leaf extractsunflower seeds raw carrots / juicebee pollen with organic honeykelp tabletshave ur hair analysed or see a homeopath
The only thing which has helped anyone in quitting smoking is the Homeopathic Remedy CALADIUM S in 1M(1000) potency once a week it curbs your desire for smoking and helps you quit smoking. I have prescribed it it to a lot of people and all of them say it helps bringing the craving for smoking down. Read more about it by clicking the link :- care and God Bless you !
Do you really want to stop smoking? If the answer is yes, it can be quite easy and you do not need to buy anything. The mind is an extremely pliable tool in the effort to quit smoking. It can be manipulated to believe whatever you want it to believe, hence the placebo effect.Anyway…the best way to quit smoking permanently and NEVER want a cigarette again is to convince your mind that this is what it wants to do. All of these activities should be done out loud and in front of a mirror!!1. Set a time frame (i.e. I will have quit smoking by the time I have finished this pack of cigarettes that has 12 cigarettes in the pack)2. Analyze when you actually MUST have the cigarette (i.e. after sex, after dinner…) Also analyze when you smoke unconsciously (i.e. when the phone rings) place sugarless gum by these places and have them ready for when you normally would light up.3. If you slip up (like finding another pack of cigarettes and smoking the whole pack, repeat “I will be done with smoking as soon as I have finished this pack of cigarettes”. Do not purchase any other packs.4. When you do want/need a cigarette, tell yourself (out loud) that you can wait another 10 minutes. each time try to make the time longer (10 minutes, 15 minutes…) If you can get up to 30 minutes then say it is okay to smoke that cigarette, but you have realized that after a day or two you will have decided that you really didn’t need that cigarette. Also say “I will go for a 15 minute walk and if I still want the cigarette I will have it”. Incorporating some form of exercise into your routine will also prevent serious weight gain from substituting food for the oral fixation you have developed. Suffice it to say, this actually works. I smoked for 18 years (as much as 3 packs /day of menthol) and I quit in four days. That was 15 years ago. During that time I went through a divorce and I worked as a bartender (where I found the smell of smoke thoroughly disgusting). I have NEVER wanted another cigarette in my entire life. It was as if I never smoked.The key is to really want to stop and to make sure you make your affirmations out loud and in the mirror!!!Good luck!!
Alternative medicine is just a placebo. It has no effect, except the psychological one of making you think you have something magical helping you quit, when really it is just your own willpower.Your body is physically addicted to the nicotine (and only the nicotine) in cigarettes, so you should use another form of nicotine, such as patches or gum, to help your body wean itself off nicotine slowly. The effectiveness of them is well proven. That will completely take care of what your body is craving.Then you just have to work on your mind, which is easy enough since you already want to stop smoking, and since you will be giving your body what it craves in another form. Don’t worry if you lapse out of your quitting every so often, as long as you are slowly cutting down overall. It is really quite achievable, so go for it.
Zyban, an anti-depressant that has the added effect of reducing the craving for a cigarette would be a nice option.
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