what’s the best remedy to take for a headache without taking pills?

Q:I got a minor headache yesterday,but i didn’t feel like going to the store to get anything for it,so i just went to sleep.I woke up this morning with the same headache.I’m going to the store to get something for my headache this morning,but what should i do next time i can’t get to the store?
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anything w/caffine in it, it dialates the constricted blood vessels that r the cause of the headache meditate
When I was pregnant I didn’t want to take pills so I usually tried to lay down, relax, do something I enjoyed, read a book if my headache wasn’t too bad and my favorite thing that seemed to work was to drink a glass of milk and eat a banana. The potassium seemed to help me feel better. Stay cool and hydrated with water too. I think I only took Tylenol 3 times over my entire pregnancy. Even now I try to stay away from pills unless I can’t function because my head hurts so bad. Make love with your significant other. It really does work.
smoke weed .it will either get worse or help it Meditation, u need a peace of mind.
What I do for a headache, be it a minor tension headache or a full out migraine is to lay down in a darkened room, put a cool, damp cloth over my eyes, and rest until it goes away. A cup of herbal tea is also helpful, I like a combo of chamomile and mint with a touch of honey. When I was younger, I preferred a glass of milk that had been in the freezer until it had a thin film of ice across the top.
Water! Many people pop pills with water & the headache goes away. They think it was the pills, when in reality, the WATER made the headache disappear. A headache is the first sign of dehydration. Su – Jok acupressure is the best.Check a painful point bihind your thumb nail if the headache is above forehead and apply press release press technic. Pain will disappear within a minute.If pain is on forehead the point will lie in front of front side of nail. Treat it. Source(s):SHREE SWASTHYAYOG TREATMENT TRG. AND RESEARCH INSTITUTER.H.19, JHULELAL SOC., SEC-2E, AIROLI, NAVI MUMBAI, INDIA. sounds crazy, but you can use self-hypnosis.no exp or training required, just put yourself in a restful state and focus on “pushing” the pain out of your head.do a Google search for more specific instructions.it actually can work!
Lots of water, most headaches are caused by dehydration. you could try a cup of coffee or tea..caffeine helps with some headaches..I always keep a frozen washcloth in the freezer for headaches too..wet it.ring it out.and put in freezer.it’s always there, super-cold.when you need it.
SEX Your decision not to take any medication just to stop a minor headache is good. What your should do is check you stomach if it is empty. Sometimes when your stomach is empty but you don’t feel hungry. You have to fill up, or the gas will push your solar plexus up and create discomfort even headache.Message the flesh between your thumb and forefinger. The flesh especially the one surrounding the base of your thumb will feel painful even when you apply some pressure.Its good to brush your gums too while brushing your teeth. Give it a try and see the result. Get well soon. Cheers
Relaxation Techniques, and lots of water! Drink lots of water.You might be dehydrated.
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