I have to get a Hepatitis B shot tomorrow!!Does it hurt alot?

Q:Please describe how the shot feels for me i am soooo afrain im really scared can you help me please
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a pinch to the arm like getting a quick sliver.. may burn a tad bit like being biot by a big skeetto if ur so worried have an ice pack ready 🙂 take a tylenol an hr before too
Count one to five and then everything is over.DON’T WORRY!
shots really only hurt if you tense up, best way is to relax. also dont watch the shot if your scared it will be over before you knew what happend
It’s not that bad, if a baby can handle it, I’m sure you would.
I had gotten it a long time ago. It is a really fast shot and no it doesn’t hurt…Promise. Just don’t look while they are giving you the shot and you will be fine.
no it stings for a minute, but that is about it. Then maybe a bruise
depending which side you get it on, that whole side of your body will swell up for about a week. i suggest you keep someone nearby to help you walk, etc, as you will be in excruciating pain the whole time
It will feel like someone slugged you in the arm as hard as they could about 20 times.
It doesn’t hurt any more than any other kind of shot.
i am seriously needle phobic! I do not do well with any kind of shot and I just got my Hep A the recent shots hurt sooooo little because they have scaled the needles down so much… its really really tiny and even if it looks long when they take the cap off they barely insert it very farI just look away before anything happens and like they always say… dont tense up your muscle you will be fine breathe deeply and keep telling yourself that its just a couple seconds then it is all overYou really wil ask yourself afterward… is that it?and the answer is yes, that is itIt really isn’t that big of a deal even though i know you are so scared you could wet yourself (if you are anything like me) all shots hurt
It’s nothing to worry about, trust me. I was disappointed with mine when i barely felt anything at all, it’s over in a second and you’re good to go. Try not to sweat it, don’t tense up, don’t watch if you don’t want to see it, and have a good breakfast.
No it doesnt hurt, Its just like a little pinch and then strings. It ll be over in a few seconds, dont worry about it =D. Good Luck.
The worst pain ever and it causes cancer.
um…i got it not that long ago and it doesn’t that badly. only in the beginning it hurts.
Nope….and even if it did, it is easier to take then Hepatitis
just like any other one
no seriously im afraid of needles. but you dont even feel it at all. yyou like look away and your like wait dont do it yet and then the doctors like i already did
i had it five years ago………..it just a quick pinch to the armsthey gave me juice and a cookie afterwardit not bad…………try piching urself or have ur family member to pinch it for u……………..it wil be like that :)good luck
all shots hurt but it iss just like a little mosquito bite and stings for just a second then you dont even no it happened
Its like getting your ear peirced its just really uncomfortable for a sec and then its gone
It’s no worse than any other type of injection.If you really have a fear of needles, like my Autistic son does, there is a topical cream that the nurse can put on your arm to numb it. The patch stays on for about an hour, then you go back and get the injection. I forget the name of the cream, but my son felt nothing. He gets hysterical if he has to have a shot, this cream really helped him with his fear.Your local dr. or hospital should know what the name of the cream is.
Of course a shot is going to hurt. But it doesn’t hurt forever. Take some Tylenol before you go to the doctor and another Tylenol after you have the shot and then buy yourself something special like a real fattening donut or pastry and reward yourself for pushing past the pain on behalf of having good health !
Ahh, don’t be afraid.It will burn a little and it feels like a lot of pressure.Try to relax your arm. If you don’t then you’ll have pain there for the next 2 days afterwards.. Speaking of experience there. lol.
nope a peice of cake
Not really. Just pinch your arm to distract you when you get the shot and it won’t seem to hurt as much.
no…its a little pinch.it might be sore afterwards though
HAHAHAHA… you got an STD!
it hurts dude
No. It isn’t a particularly painful shot.
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