I am a qualified Hypnotherapist and Stage Hypnotist does it work you bet it does?

Q:I am a qualified Hypnotherapist and Stage Hypnotist does it work you bet it does?
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could you hypnotize someone to make their brain clear up their own skin cancer?
Two have tried to hypnotize me and they couldn’t (they were dentists). Wanna be number 3?
No it doesn’t. There is no body of evidence to support the therapeutic viability of hypnosis and there never has been. Just because the apologists for this farcical nonsense keep littering their spurious statements about the usefulness of hypnosis with phrases like “there is a lot of research” or “it’s been well documented” doesn’t make it so. It is pseudo science, psychobabble and fraud of the worst kind, people who practise this foolishness and, worst, charge for it should be ashamed.
Yes master.
I believe in the value of hypnotherapy, but you haven’t asked a question. What is it?
Apparently the trance you have induced causes me to see wrong punctuation. That’s one induction I couldn’t find in Hammond.
not online it dont!
Yeah, I bet it does. Would love to try past life regression therapy.I think this is a question, cause’ you are really asking, do we believe in it.Yes, I do believe in it, and I wish you the best of luck with you’re business.
Putting a question mark behind a statement does not make it a actual question dumb a s s!
Qualified..Shmalified?With respect.There is no such thing as a Qualified Hypnotherapist ‘cos there is no generally accepted qualification. The bit of useless paper you get from a money grabbing School claiming that you are Fully Qualified is only useful because it shows that you have done a course.in the Subject.However, Hypnosis is good. When used with care, for many Psychological problems.Stage Hypnosis is definitely NOT! For reasons I will not go into here.
ummm no it doesnt work I went and had that done and it does not work!
I don’t see that the two go together well. Some professional hypnotherapy organisations won’t allow therapeutic hypnotherapists to do stage work – quite rightly in my opinion. One is for serious disorders and the other is for entertainment. Mixing the two is inappropriate.
Just snap your fingers at the count of three. you’ll wake up and discover you’re a moron!
I managed to quit smoking with Hypnotherapy, I’d recommend it to anyone! Never been hypnotised on stage though – I’m abit skeptical about that one.
Your question has hypnotized my into a state of confusion where, your question seems absolutley pointless (Did it work for anyone else?)
What is your question please? I am interested in the apparent subject of hypnosis.
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