Is their any Herbal Remedy to cure hepatitis B&C and what is cure rate or %?

Q:Is their any Herbal Remedy to cure hepatitis B&C and what is cure rate or %?
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Homeopathic treatment for Hepatitis B/C :-1.SULFUR 30C2.BRYONIA 30C3.CARDUUS MARIANUS in Q (Mother Tincture) 4.CHELIDONIUM MAJUS in Q (Mother Tincture)5.LYCOPODIUM 1M(1000)Take remedy 1 and 2 thrice a day half hour before meals followed by 20 drops each of 3 and 4 half hour after meals together in a half a cup of hot water and take 5 after a week of taking the above regularly just one dose a week. Avoid Chocolates, Coffee, Mints and Red Meat while taking Homeopathic Medicines and avoid all foodstuffs, which gives you constipation at all costs.If there is any ambiguity about the dosage or the potency of the medicine please ask me before doing anything. And keep me posted about your progress at least every three days.It would be better if you send me the details of the patient exactly the way he or she feels not the doctors diagnosis let the patient describe their own feeling exactly the way they are feeling the above will clear all in any case but it would be lots better if you send complete details.Take Care and God Bless you! there is no cure for hep c..
There isn’t a cure for HBV or HCV
There are no herbal remedies to cure Hepatitis C or B. You have to undergo interferon-Ribaviren treatment. The remission rate is pretty good for this treatment. See your doctor and don’t waste your money or time on herbal remedies. They simply do not work, and waste vital time. There are no easy outs for this. I watched my mother fight Hep C and beat it with interferon-Ribaviren. She had plenty of people push natural ‘cures’ or faith-healing. None of these had ANY effect whatsoever. The natural ‘cures’ actually caused her liver to get worse because they made the liver work harder to process them. If you want a chance at survival, do NOT use ‘alternative medicine’.I highly recommend you see the following links. I wish you the best of luck.
A gentleman that had Hepatitis C did reduce his liver enzymes significantly by taking 2 Nutriferon (boosts the body’s natural interferon) and 2 Liver DTX Complex (will detox and support liver regeneration) daily. They dropped from 800 to 34. Not sure what the timeframe was. These are natural products with no negative side effects.If you would like more info, please feel free to contact me.
Hepatitis C its a Viral infection Hlook for thses options, totally naturalhydrogen peroxide therapy;homeopathics; crocodile proteinpeptide
Milk Thistle. Proven to repair and prevent liver damage. Judd uses it and she is in remission.
Short answer…..NOAnyone who tells you different is lying or mis-informed.
I don’t know but you can look on maybe you will find what you are looking for. God Bless
they cannot be cured, but some herbal remedys may help with the symptoms. best thing to do is be vacinated for hep bthey are horrible diseases, dont mess around
There are vaccines to prevent Hepatitis A&B, but there is no known cure for C. There are medications used to slow the progress of the disease, but the disease is ultimately fatal.
There are LOTS of herbal remedies for hep B and hep C.Their cure rates are exactly zero. In every case.
We have seen that milk thistle/silymerin decreases the intensity of hcv infections, but definitely not close to curing it. Also, we have received some herbal Chinese tea known as SST that the Japanese have used for some time, but we’ve yet to test on it
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