how to deal with migraine.?

Q:how to deal with migraine.?
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Cool, dark roomSleepAspirinDoctor Prescribed Medication
In general, migraine has 3 triggers, Hormonal, chemical and mechanical. If your migraine is related to your monthly cycle, it is hormonal and may be helped by your GP who can prescribe the pill to keep your homone levels more consistant. If it has a chemical trigger, your migraines can be triggered by any substance you eat, drink smell etc. This type of migraine can be helped by going about a process of elimination until you find what triggers your migraine. Thirdly your migraine might be mechanical and is most usually caused by vertebral dysfunction in the cervical spine or tension in the neck muscles. Either way you should consult a Chiropractor for an examination. They are very successful at treating mechanical migraine.
Well, there is the fairly new Swiss method “Atlasprofilax” to really get rid of your migraine – in ONE treatment.No medicine, only a manual treatment in a continuous movement. Invest 220 Dollars* and enjoy your new life!(*plus a trip to California or to Europe, actually, because it’s not yet common in the US)I’m absolutely convinced of the method, have sent more than 30 people there personally and probably many more by www. Until now there is a 100% positive feedback.The homepage is nothing to be proud of, but the treatment is! 🙂
I’m 15, and I’ve been “dealing”(if u can call it that) with migrains scince I was about 3. They tried to write it off as allergies saying I would grow out of it. Well that hasn’t happened so far.Try going to your doctor. S/he might proscribe medication for you. Preventative meds to ask doc about:PropranalolTopamaxI hav been on both of these over the years they boht work for me.Now if u’ve tried the over the counter stuff and they didn’t work ask u’r doc about on the spot meds.On the spot meds to ask about:Imatrex(didn’t work 4 me might 4 u)Duradrin(Did work, but eventually became immune. Takes 30min-1hour )Zomig(taking this now, knocks migrains out(normally)within 15-20 min.Also put a cold wet rag on the back of your neck and lay in a dark, silent room.Hopefully this will help. If not I’m sry you hav to suffer with migraines. I feel your pain.
Well, I get migraines and what i do for them is take meds and lay down in a dark room for a while and it helps. There is meds called imitrex and you can only get them from a doctor and they help also.
awww I hate those little sh-its! The best thing to do is drink some water, lay it down, possible take some “goody’s” althoughm the King does not beleive in medicine, take one if its just emergency pain!! Mainly its all about getting some rest and you’ll be find. Quiet that mind and relax. Source(s):put your trust in the King, he is the light, and the way.
Chinese Acupuncture.
Try uses sence and herbal tea like semonia tea with lemmon and vennila taste it helps relax like mind and make u feel better
I find that if you press your thumb and first finger on the space between opposite thumb and first finger for 1 minute or so the headache will go away. Press left space if male right space if female. Elevating feet also helps with blood circulation to brain.
Headache Information Types of Headaches Recommendations for Migraine TreatmentThe American Medical Association (AMA) presents “Seven Steps to Better Headache Care.” 1. Keep a headache journal. For each headache, record the date, the time that the headache begins, and how long it lasts. Record the accompanying symptoms, including nausea and vomiting; sensitivity to light, sound, or odors; possible migraine triggers; and aura sensations. Record which migraine treatment you used. 2. Ask a partner to help identify prodromal symptoms that provide clues to an upcoming migraine attack. These preheadache symptoms can include hunger, thirst, yawning, fatigue, depression, euphoria, irritability, restlessness, drowsiness, sensitivity to light or sound, chills, increased urination, diarrhea, constipation, or fluid retention. 3. Always keep one or several doses of your migraine treatment medication with you. RealAge® Headache Center provides information on a wide range of migraine treatments and other headache medications, including typical migraine treatment for mild, moderate, and severe pain. 4. Take migraine treatment medications only as prescribed by your doctor. Do not use the drugs more often than prescribed. Do not stop taking the drugs without consulting your doctor. 5. If you miss a dose of your migraine treatment, take it as soon as you remember. However, if you miss a dose, do not take two doses at once. 6. After taking the medication, lie down in a dark, quiet room until the pain subsides. 7. You and your doctors are partners in your migraine treatment. Follow your physician’s migraine treatment advice and make recommended lifestyle changes to control your headaches.For further info go to:) learn head stands!
Lay down in a cool dark room, put ice on your forehead, and heat to the back of your neck, and lay with your eyes closed make sure the room is noise free, and dark, hopefully the migraine should lessen in a half hour or so.. Source(s):I was taught this in the hospital..
try ayurvedic medicine N yoga .It’ll help a lot
even i am suffering from migrane and even i don’t know how to deal with it
I’ve dealt with Migraines for twenty years now. In my opinion, prevention is the best medicine. What seems to have helped me the most is diet. Secondly, knowing the things that seem to trigger a headache. I’ll address each separately.1. Diet — I now stay away from processed foods (hot dogs, lunch meats, etc.) because they contain nitrates/nitrites. I also do not drink any alcohol. No aged cheeses (cheddar, for example). No nuts. No drinks with caffeine. Nothing with Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) in it. No cured meats like bacon, either.Also, NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS! NONE!This means the pink stuff, the blue stuff, AND the yellow stuff! If you want something sweet, use regular table sugar (sucrose), Sugan In The Raw (Turbinado sugar), or, better yet, Stevia (made from a plant and available online or at health food stores like Whole Foods Market).Go to and search for a movie titled “Sweet Misery” and watch for yourself!Eating like this is just a start and is next to impossible for most people. However, considering the pain of a Migraine, this is a lot easier for me. I happen to have a lot of self discipline.As a side note, if people read (and understood) the food labels of everything they shove in their mouth, no only would they be better-off from conditions like Migraines, they would also not be as fat. However, we are hung-up on the wrong things–people are concerned about calories, fat grams, carbs, etc. It’s no wonder people are confused. Those things are somewhat important, but, if you’re shoving crap like artificial sweeteners (Aspartame) down your yapper, the other stuff doesn’t matter. You will have MUCH biger problems. Wanna lose weight? Avoid anything with High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) as an ingredient? Learn what you’re eating! If you can’t pronounce it or don’t know what it is, why would you ever eat it?Read some books like “8 Weeks to Optimum Health” and “Eating Well for Optimum Health” by Dr. Andrew Weil. That’s a good place to start.2. Triggers — For me, triggers can be too much direct sunlight (especially glare of windows or reflective surfaces), prolonged heat, going long periods of time without sleep (or, irregular sleeping patterns), not eating at regular intervals (skipping meals), stress, perfums/colognes and other strong smells.Still, even with all of this, a Migraine may still creep-up. I am VERY anti-Pharmaceutical, but, sometimes it may be necessary. I have tried numerous (>20) medicines in the past twenty years. For me, what seems to work best is a non-Narcotic pain medicine called Toradol. I take this with a medicine called Phenergan (for nausea, but, has a sedative effect to help you sleep).Nothing works as good for me as sleep. But, you have to get to sleep first. The two meds I just listed along with a cold, dark, quiet place usually does the trick. The next day, I may feel “out of sorts” a bit, but, it’s much, much better.In closing, the best advice I could give is READ a lot! Gather a lot of different viewpoints, see what seems to make sense to you, and try one thing at a time to see if it helps. Not everything works for everyone.and may not even work every time.Read, experiment, and be patient. Watch that diet (NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS!), exercise (a brisk walk 30-60 minutes/day from 5-7 days/week.with your Doctor’s blessing), get regular sleep, don’t skip meals, and RELAX.Good luck!
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