Why can’t we touch with our hands homeopathic remedies, pills ??

Q:I’ve read that one of the 4 guidelines in taking homeopathic remedies (ie: Arnica Montana, Bromelain) is not to touch them with our hands…Does anyone know exactly why is that so??Thanks
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The idea behind homeopathic remedies is that they carry an energetic message, so to speak, that the body’s energy field needs to respond to. I expect that when you touch it with your hands you can potentially disturb the purity of that message, which means that the body will not be able to respond in the appropriate way.Some will tell you that homeopathic remedies are merely physical dilutions of something and that the remedy is meant to stimulate the body chemically, the way an immunization might. But Hahnemann, who developed homeopathy, was soundly against this point, and in fact used homeopathy through SMELL ALONE at times. He believed that the dilutions were so great that the dense physical matter no longer remained, and that only the energy of the original substance remained as a medicine.
That all depends on who you listen to. My homeopath has no problems with touching the pellets with her hands. She does it all the time. Just make sure your hands are clean and oil-free.
Yes, the active content in homeopathic pills are so tiny and purified that it must dissolve in or under your tongue for the maximum benefit. Body heat and the slightest moisture will cause it to dissolve. Hence half of the good stuff will go to your fingers instead of yout gut.
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