what is viagara?

Q:what is viagara?
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Its a tablet to help men have erections but be careful when swallowing it because if it becomes stuck in your throat you could end up with a stiff neck . hahahaha
As stated above – helps with erection. A natural form is Yohimbine.
Exactly! Tried it once, me and my ex partner (male and female), NADA!By the way, I’m male, 39, she was female and 24.
help you get up get up get up!
stupid and dangerous
It is a drug that was originally made as heart medication. However when it was trailed (in Limerick, Rep of Ireland) it was discovered to have other side effects, including erections in males. It is now used, under medicall supervision, by impotent men. There are trails ongoing to examine its effect on women. There are a lot of fake Viagra pills about, particularly on the web, but even the real thing can in some cases lead to heart attacks, so should only be taken when prescribed.
It’s the quicker getter upper
There is no such word because you cannot spell correctly.
It is something no one should take!
it was a drug for Angina however it had a AE (adverse event) what made man go “Nice” and women go “WOW”
It is a medication that helps men sustain erections when they have trouble on their own.
Its a medication helping men who cant get an erection with normal stimulation.
It is a drug to help a man with erection problems when you cant get it up, why you need help?
it is a drug for disable birds it helps to fly for awhile.
It is a medication that helps men sustain erections when they have trouble on their own.
You suck at spelling, but viagra is a pill that helps men have an erection, and to be more sexually active.
it is a drug to make a mans tinkly winkly hehe stand to attention or to make there performance better
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