do u have to take low protien diet during homeopathy treatment?

Q:i mean chicken,meat and eggs…are they restricted?
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Considering the fact that homeopathy doesn’t work, the fact that there is not a single real medical study showing any benefit beyond a placebo effect, considering that homeopathic remedies are actually just water – there are no diet restrictions. I would eat a diet high in medications prescribed by someone who has in fact been to medical school, though. I mean, only if you want to get better.By the way, would you like to win a million dollars? James Randi will pay you a million dollars if you can show that homeopathy has any effect whatsoever. Go to to learn more.
If you have been prescribed homoeopathic treatment by nurse/doctor and you were not given advice on diet you should be able to eat whatever you want….nothing restricts this treatment from working. It’s designed to heal the whole self, spirit soul and body or some would say soul and body…..your experience with it will be yours alone and anyone else’s opinion won’t matter. I was told by some religious people not to take it because some say it’s watered down so much there are no healing properties left in it,(it’s not true) but they are not the ones with the daily affects of pain…I’ve been taking it for nearly three years and i know the benefits and how my quality of life is still improving. There is a web sight Homoeopathic /health? where you might find some help. All the best with it because the fact you are taking it means you are looking for a better quality of life…..
I think you need to avoid both mint (tea, gum, etc) & coffee, though.
Just Avoid Red Meat, Chocolates, Coffee, Mints, Carbonated and Alcoholic Drinks and keep the medicines away from heat, sunlight, Perfumes and Fragrances all of these antidote the effects of Homeopathic Medicines.Take care and God Bless !P.S.And give a dose of ARNICA 200C to the guy who’s answer is above me (Loss Leader) and ask him to deny that it does not work 😉 .LOL. He will be a believer before he can say ARNICA !Get well soon my friend you are on the right path don’t let pessimists to make you think some other way ! Take care No,you do not have to take a low protein diet during homeopathictreatment.There are no food restrictions.Follow a wholesome and a healthy diet!
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