What do you feel is the most successful anti-depressant?

Q:I am currently taking lexapro, anddon’t like it. I asked my Dr. about Symbalta and he said that it was too early too know the long term side effects. I realy would rather not take anything, but I just lost my dad and a baby two weeks apart so I’m afraid not to.
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I am sorry for your loss. Going through such an incredibly stressful time must be awful, so I can understand your desire to treat depression. However, your doctor seems a little quick to prescribe antidepressants, as they really are targeted for people who have long-term depressive disorders. You should really be going to a therapist to help you deal with your grief, instead of trying to medicate it away. You need to grieve and it is perfectly normal to feel down after what you have just been through.If you really want to be on medication, however, I would suggest that you stay away from medications like Paxil, Effexor, and Cymbalta, as they are better for long-term treatment, due to the fact that they have very severe withdraw syndromes when you stop taking them. Prozac and Welbutrin are both well documented anti-depressive medications. Prozac seems to have fewer complications.
I took every anti-depressant made up until a few years ago, although I’m unfamiliar with the one you are taking, Lexapro? Of them all, Prozac helped me the most. It wasn’t hard to stop taking either. I have found that regular exercise helped my mood more than anything. That and eating a good healthful diet. You are supposed to feel terrible right now after the deaths of two people you loved, that is normal. It is painful but sometimes it is better to grieve and get it over with. While grieving a tranquilizer like Xanax might help.Just my opinion from experience. When you stop taking the drug the hurt will come crashing back into your conscienceness and you’ll have to deal with it then.
in the natural area i would include–regular exercise, meditation, and a lot of energy work–reiki, yoga, chi kung, etc.along with homeopathy and herbal input. it’s important to get your internal energy unblocked, and running smoothly. perhaps a good balancing by an acupuncturist would help. be diligent. all of the above have no side effects. also try www.sahajayga.com for an excellent free energy boost on line. best of luck!
Do not use Symbalta,please..as to a very well and fast working antidepressants from the SSRI group is definitely Zoloft (contains Sertraline) from 50 to 75mg would be sufficient to relieve your symptoms within maximum two weeks. God bless you dear! yoga
You really don’t need an antidepressant; you just need to grieve and get it out, not have is suppressed by a drug. In time your grieving will lessen. If your doctor and you feel you need a crutch to help you through this then lexapro is quicker acting than most other antidepressants. You don’t say why you don’t like it but soon you shouldn’t need it as a crutch anymore. Sure, I don’t like the side effects of the antidepressant I am on but without it I feel like crap and too much of the time can’t do anything and cry too much. In my case though I have a biochemical imbalance so it is a long term condition.
I’m so sorry to hear of your losses. I took lexapro for about two months. It gave me horrible nightmares and didn’t really help. Is there a more homeopathic doctor in your area? St. John’s Wort helps with mood and slight to moderate depression but I wouldn’t take it without a doctor’s advice. Are you in some sort of counseling or therapy? That really can help too.
The Best Anti Depressant Remedy I know of is the Homeopathic Remedy AURUM MET (Gold Metal) cures suicidal depression as if by magic I have yet to see something works faster or better, and totally without side effects or complications. truly nothing compares to this remedy.Take care and God Bless !
Unless you live in a cave, you’re probably well aware of the dangers associated with anti-depressants. I would strongly suggest that you check into the area of “negative ion therapy” as a totally safe and effective alternative. “N.I.T.” has been proven to be even more effective than either Zoloft, Paxil, Luvox, or Prozac, but offers NO adverse side effects. There are a number of manufacturers that make these devices; You’ll find them all on the internet. There is also a device called “O.N.S.” which is an abbreviation for “optic neuro stimulation” which is made with “wrap around” sunglasses, fitted with bright red LED’s, that are tied to an electronic circuit that delivers precision-timed pulses to the glasses. ONS units are a powerful alternative to drugs, and in most cases, they work in just SECONDS, to provide immediate and TOTAL relaxation. ONS has been proven beneficial in the successful treatment of ADHD, insomnia, manic depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety. A third alternative is “CES”, or “cranial electrotherapy stimulation” but it is only effective in about half of all reported cases of clinical depression. The fourth choice is “PEMF”, or “pulsed electromagnetic field therapy” and these work slowly, but the results are long lasting, with about 8 to 10 treatments of about 30 minutes each, providing up to 18 months of improvement in behavior. Much of this technology is already a part of “mainstream medicine” in other countries, but the FDA and the drug companies here in the United States have gone to extremes, to keep these things from competing with their multi-billion-dollar annual drug business. Look up “TMS” on the internet; That stands for “transcranial magnetic stimulation”, and you’ll find THOUSANDS of references to it. It’s available in every country on earth, except here, because it posed a “threat” to Pfizer Pharmaceutical’s “Zoloft”, so they told the FDA to simply avoid approving it for use, here! Fortunately, all of this technology is available from several sources, as long as it is used for private “research & investigational” applications. Don’t bother asking your doctor; FDA and AMA rules and regulations prohibit him, (or her) from prescribing non-FDA-approved alternative treatments, even if these alternatives are safe, affordable, and effective! Also check into alternative dietary supplements; You may find an item or two in your local health food store that can help “take the edge off” of an extremely stressful time in your life. Just stay away from addictive drugs and alcohol, as these things will only make matters worse.
I am so very sorry to hear of two such painful losses in such a short time. It’s no wonder you’ve been feeling depressed. How long have you been taking the Lexapro? You do need to give it enough time to build up in your system to be effective. If you’ve been taking it for a month or so and feel no different then you may need a different medication. If your doctor isn’t helping you, you need to find another doctor.It sounds like you’re talking about medication being a short-term solution due to the loss of your baby and your dad. What you may want to consider is getting some counseling along with the medication. Grief counseling can help you through this time. Not that you’ll ever totally get over the losses, but you can feel better.I take Paxil and Remeron. But I’ve taken other medications in the past. When I see my psychiatrist in Sept. he may be switching me from Remeron to Cymbalta. Paxil works well for me. Each person is different.My prayers are with you during this painful time. God bless!
lexapro is junk and symbalta is a new one i do have serious concern about because of the way the FDA is working , this new drug it will take about 20 years to find out the real effects of it .Proven by the people not by some scientist and drug company who is only interested in profit there is no successful medicine for depression and there will never be you have to find what makes you depress and fix it ……..
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