How would I be able to accept insurance for massage therapy?

Q:Iv’e heard that more insurance companys are paying for massage therapy. I have no idea how to start.Shane S
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I would NOT recommend doing this unless you are prepared for the paperwork out the wahzoo and waiting for the insurance companies to cut you a check for payment. Sometimes you may have to wait up 90 days or more to receive payment. And there is always the possibility that the payment will be denied because the insurance company does not think that the treatment meets the criteria. Then you will have to contact the client and discuss payment that you have already waited for. Sometimes there is always the possibility of them not paying you. I would instead take all kinds of credit cards for payment, if you do not already do so.
Contact the Insurance companies and ask them how to submit for therapy. Providing they cover it. Yes, you will need to be prepared for the paperwork, and waiting for the money. If more therapist did this , more insurance companies would cover it. It would be for the benefit of all people if the Insurance co. would cover this. Just think how many diseases can be prevented if everyone got a massage once a week. Just the fact that Massage helps to get rid of stress- think of all the positive things that Massage does for people. There are many therapist who accept insurance. I think you would be helping everyone out if you did this for your clients.
Accept? I don’t get your question. And, as far as I know insurance WON’T pay for any type of massage therapy, and believe me, I’ve tried.
Natonal Insurance does not entertain this therapy, other private company- it is not known to me.
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