What are good herbs for muscle pain relief?

Q:I have a history of back spasms, followed by muscle pain that gets pretty intense. I am in physical therapy, but the pain is unreal. My doctor won’t prescribe me pain medications – and I’m wary of the addictive nature of them, especially for such a long term issue as my back problems. I’d like a natrual route, an herbal mixture I can combine with stretching, excersise, and muscle strengthening.
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White Flower Oil – Ingredients: Wintergreen oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil, menthol crystal and camphorAvailable at most health food stores. Rub it on and it helps the pain.
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Homeopathy:-Take ARNICA 30C, BRYONIA 30C and RHUS TOX 30C together thrice a day half hour before or after meals and avoid Chocolates Coffee Mints and Red Meat while you are taking Homeopathic Remedies your back will be fine in a few days just keep taking these remedies regularly and keep me posted about your progress and any change in symptoms. No Side Effects No Complications 100% Natural treatment !Take Care and God Bless !
Some people concentrate their stress in problem areas of their body. Headaches, stomach problems, backaches are the common ones. Whether you think you have stress or not (and we all do), stress management supplements are a good thing to use. B-50 complex, once or twice a day, are the cornerstone of stress reduction.Valerian is very relaxing, physically and mentally, and can help with stress and back pain. There are several potencies out there, use as directed, but stay on the low dose side until you learn how to use it. Safe, effective, cheap. Medicine cabinet staple.Building up musculature (especially abdominal muscles) is key to back health. marijuana
Hawthorne is a muscle relaxer..MSN and glucosimine Condroitin are good long term pain releif.if you take 1000 mg of C with Tylenol or aspirin it helps the uptake to be more effective Source(s):Prescription for Nutritional Healing
Rainbow Light makes a product called Pain-Eze. It helped me when I strained my back a few weeks ago.Did not make the pain totally go away but took the edge off and made it barable.Has: Magnesium, Manganese, California Poppy, Corydalis Yanhusuo, Chinese Peony, Meadowsweet, and Jamaica Dogwood.http://www.vitacost.com/RainbowLightPainEze
I make a salve that I used to sell and many still get it from me. Here is the recipe.1part peppermint, 1 part eucalyptus leaves, 1 part thyme, 1 part sage. Place in glass jar cover with warm olive oil and close with lid. Let set for 3 weeks, shaking every few days to make sure oil is soaking all plant material. Strain, warm oil add bees wax to thicken ,add a few drops tea tree oil amd vitimin E drops, Cool a bit then pour into containers.I use this myself and at night with rub it into sore areas and apply heat {with a rice bag heated in microwave}.
There are many herbs for muscle pain relief like -CamphorEucalyptus OilPeppermintShallakiAshwagandhaErandThe best strategy is to massage the area with some herbal pain relief oil. It sometimes gives instant relief and may treat in 3-4 days.So you can search for a good oil or you can try Arthcare Oil. That’s a very popular product.
Eucalyptus oil Cheers !!Australians use eucalyptus oil for healing wounds, fighting infections and to help relieve muscle aches and pains. Indians use eucalyptus oil to help rid fevers and control contagious diseases and Americans use it in vapor rubs and many other chest and cold products.
peppermint oil applied as a topical over the muscle spasm really helps me.
Ask your doctor to prescribe Massage Therapy. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of massage to treat muscle spasm and pain. Continue your physical therapy and stretching exercises while you are receiving massage. Topical ointments and pain killers only relieve the symptoms, they do not alleviate the problem. I wish you the best. Source(s):I am a massage therapist.
got limu if not go to jamesvandusen.originallimu.com and try it i do and it Reilly works for exsample i have inbuldge disk and vertebra’s that hurt a lot and thats been for 25yr snow i started to take limu 3 weeks from to day and i had pain free since and every body that i know and it works wonders for stress hi blood presher coland and lots more and its natural also its maid by god. I’m trying to figer a way to give out all my testimony’s out that’s a taking it now in tell thin email me at [email protected] couse i care for thous who needs it the most and i bulive it will help you god bless and ill add you to my prayers list
arnica gel is a great thing and there are no side effects. You can usually get it at a health food store
Herbs are not your answer. look at my tetimonials on my blog roll.
I wouldn’t recommend herbs, herbs are very dangerous if you don’t know how to use them.Be careful.I would just use a heating pad instead and take a Tylenol.
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