what is chronic usually laced with?

Q:man last night was fucked up. smoked so much chronic don’t know what was going on but i was hitting myself and freaking out then going into lucid moments where lifetimes passed in seconds.
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I must be getting old, my definition of chronic is different. Sounds like something you need to not do.
generally burning cannabis creates temperatures that will alter the chemical composistion of methamphetamine so thats not likely. powder cocaine on burning cannabis will also lose its potency a great deal because of the heat. usually cannabis is not “laced” with anything. myth and propoganda for fear tactics. if it is “laced” it is usually powder cocaine from someone too ignorant to know any better or phencyclidine (pcp) which will send you into another world entirely. is it possible you just got much more potent bud? did you smoke using a different method? like maybe using a bong instead of a joint or blunt? that can have an effect..most stuff you can “lace” weed with is destroyed by the heat of the burning bud.
A friend of mine had a similar reaction when he tried some ‘stuff’ that was laced with opium.
Must have been laced with cocaine. Watch out, dude! I have also heard stories that it is being laced with Crystal Meth.
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