Angel Reiki…..Reiki through the phone?

Q:I have recieved a live reiki session via the phone from www. angelreiki . moonfruit . com this afternoon and I was amazed at the results I felt so MUCH BETTER…Why do doctors and surgens not opperate with this treatment if it makes you feel so much better????
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Well firstly I have been on the site you have put down but I had to delete the spaces you left. Did you get the treatment from the site? They dont use these sort of things i think because they are not proved but i have had REIKI and I know that it WORKS! It makes you feel so much better but like i sed it isnt proved!
Simply because you can’ t patent it and make money off of it. I am a Reiki Master and have seen some amazing stuff happen when using the energy! If only The medical profession would open their eyes to helping more and making less money. Alex
I am a Reiki practitioner and I honestly have no idea why this treatment is shunned by most heath care professionals, it can be very effective, I’m glad that you enjoyed and benefited from your treatment.
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