what is the best medication for burnings????

Q:water that was boiling for 4 hours fell on my feet what is the best medication for burnings ??????
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If the burns are minor…a combination of Aloe, Chlorophyll, Vit. E, A, Lecithin and honey is a great natural healing suave…See a doctor if your skin took a direct hit from scalding water…
it hurts yaa, but best solution is Patience.. unless its serious then see a doc.
Aloe Vera is still the best for first degree burns. Peel the skin off the leaf to get at the gel, or squeeze out the healing gel and spread it onto the burned area.Baking Soda & Egg Whites – as soon as you burn yourself mix enough baking soda with the white of an egg to make a creamy solution. The sooner you apply it the better your chance is to prevent blistering.Oil splatter burns- put a thin layer of honey on the burned area. Honey has healing enzymes.
if it’s a surface burn (nothing open or bleeding) use Aloe, straight from the leaf is best.If there are open sores or bleeding, you need to seek your Doctor’s attention. He/She will give you meds to better deal with the burn and infection.
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