Im having bad cold..can anboby ..tell me whats the best way to get rid of.. of it.?

Q:Im having bad cold..can anboby ..tell me whats the best way to get rid of.. of it.?
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You’ll basically need to sleep a lot to let your body fight it out of your system. Also, keep yourself hydrated with lots of water and juice and avoid things like soda. Your body tends to use a lot of water when sick so you don’t want to slow the process. Basically, rest as much as you can, and blow your nose as much as possible and drink a lot of water. Amp up on Vitamin C and Zinc. Drink a glass of hot green tea with Echinacea and Honey in the morning.Eat only fruits and vegatables during the day plus avoid mucous creating foods such as milk, bread and cheese. Fast from eating meat as your digestive system needs to be ridding itself of toxins and meat will slow down the process. Avoid refined sugar in sugary drinks.Add a tablespoon of raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, and one or two drops of wild oregeno oil to a glass of apple juice, pomogranete juice or grape juice three times a day. Add cayenne if you have mucous in your chest, eyes, ears, nose or throat. Drink six glasses of distilled water each day. Drink three glasses of clean water with 1/4 tablespoon of unrefined sea salt.Drink a glass of hot Green tea with Echinacea and Honey in the evening with Camomile and take a hot bath before you go to bed. Sit in a bathtub with hot water. Add a cup of apple cider vinegar and a tablespoon cayenne. Sweat out the toxins and go to sleep.All sickness comes from the gut. By alkalizing your body and cleansing you will not only cure your cold but also give your body, gut, and skin a wonderful treat. Source(s):
olive leaf. It’s an herbal supplement. drink buncha gatorade~ that always helps me and just sleep and swet a lot in bed, think that’ll help, well if it don’t work i just hope u well ^.^
Stay home from work or shcool!Grab a box of tissues and relax cuz its gona be a long 4 days.i just got over one and i am still blowing my nose!
have a strong ginger tea Keep your nose clean and powder dry.
one way is to put some honey in bowl and add in some pepper its should help
Echinacea and Goldenseal, both available in health food stores. You may even find capsules with both in them, which are specific “cold formula” capsules.Good luck!
Wait 2 weeks and and ask again. a glass of warm water and honey
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