I have to take a drug test Tomm I took 1/2 of a hydrocondon tuesday night will it but outta my system by thurs

Q:I never take strong meds They dont belong to me they were my friends and i am stressing cause its my dad’s company and i dont wanna make him look bad I really need a answer
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Dude, I think your screwed..drink water, water, water, until you piss water, then keep drinking more of it!!
pay someone thats got clean piss to piss in a visine bottle and tape it to your willy. keep the lid on! when it comes time to piss in the jar, take off the cape and squeeze away. after that just do what ever you normaly would. Source(s):my friend does it evry week with my piss for 10 bucks a bottle.sucker!
You only took a half, so the max you would have taken would be what 5mg. Ok dude, you should be fine. I wouldn’t sweat it too much. That little bit of a pill is probably already gone. Just another tid bit of info, at a drug test, they are looking for the use of illegal drugs~pot, coke, herion, etc. I wouldn’t worry about it. If for some reason they ask you if you took something just tell them you had a horrible head ache and a friend gave you a pill to feel better but you didn’t know what it was. i don’t really know maybe it will my granma takes that and she has to take it again the next day! so don’t sweat it
Just make sure that u inform them what you have taken and u should be cool as long as u have a perscription for it
How strong was the HydroCodene and what type was it type #3? It is usually most common and it most likely will be out of your system by Thurs. Were you using the pill for pain only though? My grandma also takes it, but it’s Acetomenophin with HydroCodene #3, but she takes it whenever she has pain, it’ll be gone out of your system, but drink lots of water.
probably not. sorrylol, the whole water,water, water–well thats for pot!I take the meds. on a regular basis b/c of a back injury, and im telling you that your not going to pass w/ your own urine.
I don’t think you’ll be clean in 2 days. Usually opiates usually take anywhere between 4 to 7 days to be out of your system – sometimes longer. Source(s):Personal knowledge.
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