What are safe and healthy suppliment i can take to enhance my engergy level?

Q:What are safe and healthy suppliment i can take to enhance my engergy level?
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Take b-12 or b complex which r important for energy
Methamphetamine or provigil if you care about whether it’s legal or not.
Ginkoba is good! but check any other meds that u take.Fast energy without a pill or proten drink can be..peanut butter and protien drinks
A.C.T. is the best, and is has good ingredients for you.
Vitamin C (Asorbic Acid) Powder FormSiberian Ginseng
Ginseng drinks are good options.
I’ve used Siberian Ginseng with very good results. But if that doesn’t help, you need to find out what is causing your low energy level – you might have an easily-treated infection or low thyroid (also easily treated) or some other disorder that a doctor can help with. Siberian Ginseng is NOT the same as regular Ginseng BTW (different plant, similar but not identical uses), and it’s sometimes sold under name eleuthero. Exercise everyday and after 2 or 3 months, you may feel the enhanced energy. Good luck. I hope you feel better soon
Ginseng is good, it’s not a stimulant but it works by increasing oxygen absorption into the bloodstream.
B-complex vitamins are a good supplement to a decent diet and exercise plan. My co-workers notice when I am taking B-complex becuase my energy levels are up, it also keep sme from getting th eblues. I also take a combination of A, C and E vitamins to boost my immune system. To help you discipline yourself, take the pills the same time everyday, preferably with food.Say hello to neon yellow pee!
Suppliments are things like iron, vitamin a, b, c, etc and they are usually not make from chemicals but rather extracts from plants, animals, etcIn fact, most of us takes our vitamins and minerals from the daily food we eat but at times, due to either the fact that we did not eat properly or feeling rather stress which affects our intake, we are therefore not balance in our body on the requirements.Henceforth, we take suppliment so as to ensure that the body has sufficient vitamins and minerals to maintain its healthy bodily function.to be dependant on suppliment to enhance your energy level is only a short term measure. for eg. a person who is constantly having less than 6 hours of sleep will not be good as the brain is still tired. hence long term dependancy on such vitamins will not be good for his body as it will still breaks down.each vitamins and minerals have their own use in our body, for eg. B will reduce stress as it is good for exam going children and stress at work, vitamin C is good for regeneration of tissues, etcbut remember when excessive vitamins being taken can equally be harmful. The body will accept only what it needs and the excess usually will be despense out.Multi-vitamins are good as they help someone who is not aware of what to take to help to regulate its body needs on its own. You can find lots of such things in the vitamins in the internet.
multivitamins work fine…get one that has all the rda for all the iron and minerals possible
Spirilina or Chlorella
Find a good doctor in your area that understands alternative medicine and have your Thyroid and adrenal levels checked. In addition to getting these properly balanced vitamin and/or mineral supplementation may further assist you.
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