Is a niacin flush an unsafe event?

Q:I know someone who has high histamines who reacts to niacin with panic attacks, flushing, etc. I can take relatively high doses of niacin (I am low histamine) and do not have any obvious negative reaction. I don’t continue to take niacin, but have tried it in the past. Many books and internet sources say that the niacin flush is harmless, but I am suspicious that this is not so. Does anyone know if a niacin flush is detrimental?
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I seem to be ok so farwonders………..hmmmmmmmmmmm
I enjoy it actually. Niacin is good for many things-including the skin-circulation and a wide variety of other things, like lowering your cholesterol. It CAN cause gout, Vitamin B3, nicotinic acid, in some people though. The flush is not a bad thing, can kill a dog though. And there is a hex form if you are adverse to the whole flush thing anyways. I like it, do you?
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