What are the secrets of staying young and active?

Q:What are the secrets of staying young and active?
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Drink coke, never eat more than once a day. i;m ancient, but people say I look half my age. Smile and play a lot, exersise once a month, but make love every night. I agree with the answer given by Diana D. Most of all you must love yourself as you are. Whilst striving to improve your life you should be content with yourself and dont worry, laugh and smile a lot to keep away the frown lines.
Love to all.Respect all.Do your duty.Live and let live others is the key of staying young and active.
nivea q10 plus according to the adverts, and long lie ins! the elixir of youth has been stolen and hidden for centuries now, so you’re asking the wrong people.
dont get mixed up with well looked after wife’s lol is it used for realationshilp healing?there’s no real secret i believe it’s in your genes you try though ,by being healthy drink plenty water ,eat plenty fruit but still enjoy yourself.
Happiness really. Like beauty, it’s wise to have an internal mental picture of yourself as young and active. This will come across in the way you appear to others.Fresh food filled with vitamins and nutrients, lots of water, regular exercise. These things probably help a lot but lack of stress, I think, is the key.
Stay active :play sports, drink and eat with moderation and laugh a lot!
Eat a well balanced diet, drink a lot of water, and exercise daily (both your body and your mind). Stay abreast with what is happening in the world, keep learning new things, make sure you socialize daily with others. Do volunteer work and help others who are worse off than yourself. And mingle with younger people.don’t surround yourself with just older people. an active and healthy lifestile.
Sex , Drugs , Rock & Roll Water, Water Water!
Drink water, healthy food, exercise, and Botox. Don’t get married, have children after 35 and take everything in moderation.. except class A drugs.. forget them, they ruin lives.
Go and find the fountain of youth
Believe in yourself, exude confidence, count your blessings, be joyful, giggle & laugh, enter with enthusiasm, dance with abandon, hug a lot, give of yourself, accept & cherish what others give you, take things as they come, accept that no one and nothing is perfect & embrace happiness!!. and no matter how old you are chronologically, no matter what you decide to *do* in your life, no matter *who* you do it with, you will stay youthful, resiliant, and vibrant all the days of your life. Drink plenty of.Heineken!
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