Has anyone ever had acupuncture? If so, have you ever had it specifically for ostioarthiritis.

Q:I have this in my neck. I am at my witts end in pain, the next step is surgery. I am hoping that acupuncture will work.
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Although acupuncture is used to treat a wide range of conditions in China, one of the main strengths in acupuncture (in the eyes of Western medical MD’s) is that of pain. There are studies and research that show the efficacy of acupuncture in treating and alleviating pain, so it would definitely be worth looking into. Whether if you want to speak to an M.D, or an acupunturist, or both about your condition, is of course, up to you.My experience:For lack of a better word, I believed that acupuncture was just pure superstitious, hocus pocus, quack medicine. I would have felt low and felt that it was beneath my dignity to have needles poking out of my body. But a severe, and let me reiterate, a severe ankle sprain changed all that.I forced myself to visit an acupuncturist because the pain this time (I had previous sprains) was extremely unendurable (sleepless nights, uneven gait). After the acupuncture treatment, I went home, and slept for 4 hours. I got up to use the restroom, being careful that I didn’t place all the weight on the left foot. As soon as I walked, I felt that the pain in my left foot was completely gone! Granted, there was a little pain, but the difference was so dramatic that I stood there completely SHOCKED. As the days passed by, the pain subsided, and healed much faster as opposed to when I stubbornly waited out the pain.This of course is my experience with acupuncture, and so far, it has been a positive one.Best I personally have not but have a friend who did. Her results were very short term. She has found another product that has dramatically improved her symptoms. She saw her Doctor first and was given the OK to try Himilayan Goji Juice, the only functional juice on the market with medical validation. There are 72 clinical studies at Pubmed.org under the topic Lycium Barbarum. It is amazing what this has done for her, she teaches others about it now. Source(s):www.vbouvier.healthsecret.orgwww.gojihealthstories.comwww.gojibook.com I had accupuncture years ago for ocd and it helped tremendously.. I was recommended to the therapist by a friend who was receiving it for joint problems related to a leaking silicone breast implant. She couldn’t stop with the praises. I only stopped going cuz the doc moved back to Taiwan. (And I have been too lazy to followup). At that time my insurance company covered it because the therapist was also an MD. You may want to take that into consideration and check with your insurance company. Certainly go ahead and try the accupuncture. It may take 2-3 sessions until you feel the relief you want, but do give it a try. You won’t know if it will work until you do.And don’t worry about the needles. They are as fine as the hair on your head and I barely felt them and I have been needlephobic since childhood. Good luck! Source(s):Experience. I would rather recommend the one-time treatment Atlasprofilax to get rid of the cause.As far I can judge, this really works (own experience) – and it’s worth travelling to California or Europe to enjoy the treatment. Source(s):http://www.medizinindex.de//out.php?ID=1321
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