Homeopathy or placebo?

Q:Do homeopathic medecines really work or are any benefits explained by placebo effect?
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It’s all in the mind of the muppets who never had anything wrong with themselves in the first place.Ask any soldier serving in Iraq etc when he has half his leg blown off, “Perfumed oils or drugs?” and see what answer you get!
As Angel said “some work, some are placebo and some are detrimental”. Originally homeopathic medicine was designed to stimulate the bodies counter-defenses. For example, if you were nauseated you would be given something to make you more nauseated and stimulate the bodies attempts to regain control. It may have evolved from there to “natural” medicines that are not tested or approved by any agency like the FDA. They don’t sound like a good idea to me.
I was very sceptical about homeopathy especially since watching a documentary saying that only 1 drop in 20 swimming pools of water had the original ingredient in it. However I took homeopathic arnica as I was having a natural birth and the man in the shop (Neal’s Yard remedies in Neals Yard Covent Garden) said it would prevent bruising. I did not bruise at all and had a 27 hour labour so I would say miraculously it did work. I can’t see how a placebo effect would work in this case as I wasn’t exactly thinking about it at that point in time!
some work, some are placebo and some are detrimental
many benefits of “real” medicine are explained by the placebo effect.
I have been taking homeopathy supplements for years.they have worked for me! Whenever I run out, I can see symptoms surfacing.grrrrrrrrrrrx
Placebo, this is a control drug used in medical experiments, it is made out of sugar and it is given to the patient to test the psychological effect that just taking medication will give them.Homoeopathy, this is the art of using things in nature to treat the cause of symptoms, modern medicine treats that pain.I have no idea if homoeopathy works, it does for some but you would have to look into that yourself.
They really work because they are based on plants and herbs and have been used for a long time. However only a Naturopath or Homeopath can give you the right things and quantities to use. It’s better for your body as they are not full of chemicals that can affect every organ and cells. In Europe even doctors presribe homeopathic medicines, that’s why the drug companies love the North-American continent. A lot of drug companies are from and in Switzerland and the most drugs are distributed here. We are the pill takers of the world.
They’ve been subjected to double blind trials since the 18th century when mainstream medicine was still using bleeding and Laudenham. That said, most medicines work by the placebo effect. That’s why people have different reactions to the same drug packaged differently.
Homeopathy is the Art of Healing and its a total beauty. Its not yet being appreciated by the old goats of medicine like all new smarter things. Its the New School of medicine “Smart Medicine” and it works where the old goats fail and go on failing because they have yet to learn to Cure without side effects of their massive doses of drastic medicine and make us sick instead of healing us. No doubt the so called Doctors call what they do PRACTICE, doesn’t it says all ? They have to stop practicing on other peoples health and money and start to learn how to really heal, like it should be. Thats what medicine should be to heal in all totality 100% without causing any harm. Ask yourself are they healing you or making you sicker ? Here I leave it to your intelligence and rationality ! Think and Decide !For me Homeopathy has worked for everything from Cancer to a mere Hangnail it has cured all, the old goats are welcome to their out moded ways, after all they are just salesmen for the pharmaceutical industry and blind to the Art of Healing ! SAD BUT TRUE !I welcome you all to discover the Art of Healing !Les Fabulous !Take Care and God Bless you all with Health Happiness and Wisdom to see the Truth ! Amen
Whatever, it’s worth trying, in case it works FOR YOU.Placebo effects are absolutely valid..and they work in 33% of cases. In other words, if you believe it will work, it has a good chance of working. This has been scientifically proved many times. This goes for faith-healers, alternative medicines, Reiki, hypnotism, whatever.So I say if there are no risks, try any method you feel might work, and if it works, great!
Homoeopathy is not a placebo ! A good indicator that it works areanimals !All the animals I have had have been treated with homoeopathy and have been cured of whatever they had suffered from !They do not know what they are given , so can’t be a placebo !You don’t have to believe in alternative medicine for it to work !Try it ,good luck !
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