Is there any Homeo medicine for Arthritis?

Q:Is there any Homeo medicine for Arthritis?
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Homeopathic Treatment :-More details are needed for an appropriate remedy take these three and let me know how much they have helped .ARNICA 30C + BRYONIA 30C + RHUS TOX 30C all three together thrice aday half hour before meals(On an empty stomach) take them for three days and let me know your progress after three days. No side effects or complications.Take Care and God Bless you !
I take glucosomine and chondroitin. I also take Omega 3. Valerian root seems to calm me down and thus calms the soreness in my hands. Calcium helps build the bones. Another good thing to help arthritis is to keep active, don’t go overboard on exercise, but do something, especially walking which will really help. If you have arthritis in your hands, get a soft ball and squeeze it, that will keep your hands from being so sore. A heating pad helps me, too. Yes. It’s called Tiger. They have it in China Town. Not real tiger.Try an injection od cortisal from your doctor between the joints. It works.
use the homeopathy pills as suggested.. it is effective, it is slow but effective ,use it for few years.. start yoga exercises, swami ramdevji is in UK for the benefit of public, we see him every night at 8.15 to 9.30 India time on “aastha” TV channel in India.. check with your channel provider…his CD/vcd are available
In Homeopathy arhritis is treated by CHINA 30X tincture.It works effectively for a few weeks more so in females and seniors.Among the young Baryta carb works but very slowly.
Wearytraveler has some really good suggestions for you. I would also try boneset. It is an herb that you can purchase usually by mailorder or if you have an herbalist in your town. Make it into a tea and drink it about once every 2 days. I would also try lady’s mantle (if you’re a woman). This can help by boosting your hormone levels and with lubricating the joints. I have arthritis in my jaw and both, along with calcium, chondritin, and fish oil capsules have helped me out. If nothing homeopathic seems to help talk to your doctor about a round of steroids to reduce inflammation and maybe a mild pain killer to help you relax. Good luck and blessed be. V-
Homeo medicine does not work. It is a fraud.The Q-ray bracelet is a fraud.These things rely entirely on placebo effect to “work”.
Rhus Tox is a good one. It’s also used for poison ivy. There is also an herb called boswellia that is supposed to be helpful too.
my husband has severe arthritis and purchased the q-ray bracelet advertised on tv. He has had no athritic pain since wearing it.
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