do you think it’s possible to have an out of body experience?

Q:if you’ve had one, how would you descride it.i’m kind of skeptical.
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Read or listen to “Journeys out of the body” by Robert Monroe, or any other books. He is also the founder of Monroe Institute. Source(s):
Some people call it dreaming. Think about it. You are in a room.The doors and windows are closed. You find yourself in a different place sometimes the time is in the future or the past. You are by yourself in the room sleeping in your bed.yet in the dream you meet and talk to people. During sleep your sould travels much it like when you die and go to the next world. Sleep is the symbol of death in this world. Sleep prepares you for the next life which is the real life to come! Take care! Sleep well.
Yes set aside your skepticism, and do some research on soul travel; astral travel; and, lucid dreaming. plenty of info on all out there. it is quite fascinating and will add a new dimension (or many) to your life. happy travels. btw such activities have been practiced by shamans, and “ordinary people” as well for millenia. among other benefits, it’s a way to visit guides and “angels” where they live, and learn alot of important things.
Most of the time when I am asleep. sometimes I dream of myself floating above and then quickly wake up when I fall. I feel really tired after this. Yes, if you are schizophrenic or near death. In both cases see a doctor!
there are many ways, some people have spontaneous out of body experiences. others meditate. i use drumming to achieve my journeys. dance may also work for many people. i have guides and teachers that i visit to seek knowledge and answer specific questions for myself and for others. find a shamanic practitioner in your area for more info. this isn’t something to do on a whim but for actual spiritual growth. BS”Dyep, but you better know what you are doing, cos you want to make sure you can get back in too!
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