Pelo de elote tea?

Q:Does anyone know the benefits of drinking this? Thanks.
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actually.. my parents use this.. they use the pelos de elote,, for different things.. it is said to help with diabetes,, high blood pressure.. with cholesterol… among other things… they use to use the pelos de elote with another thing called rosa del castillo and a nopal and boil it all together.. then they would use a collandar and drink the juice.. nope
I spend a lot of time in Mexico, but am not sure what this is. It sounds sort of like corn silk tea, but I am not sure.They invented corn. And, they have every sort of food from corn you can imagine. Also, if relevant, medicines.I walked downstairs, where my wife was watching TV, and asked her. She said, yes, it is corn silk tea.Alas, though she remembers it is for a medical purpose, not just a flavored tea, she can’t remember if it’s for diarrhea or some other purpose, but remembers it is a medical use
what she said
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