wat type of medicine i use for the repoductive system?

Q:its for homework
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It really depends on what you need it for. I had Endo and went to a natural health lady in Ohio and she had me on several different types of herbs and a liquid for my endometriosis. There is also an herb you can use for birth control.I was told to have a Hysterectomy that i would never get pregnant and if by chance I did I would never carry the baby to term. I know have 4yr old twins because of god and Jenny the natural health lady he blessed me with.
In your case I would say Clorox Bleach. Homework? Might want to start with the English homework first, you might make more sense when you ask questions.
They are all lying , your textbook is your good source.
Eye drops and bandaids.
Below is an article on assisted reproduction from webmdthe second is an article on ways to improve fertility
vinegar and water tylenol you can use for everything!!wait how do you have hw when its the summer.
Ortho Novum 777…in other words..birth control pills.
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