A question about animal communication?

Q:I think it’s very important to keep an open mind in all things. I am open to the possibility of animal communication but I’m still on the fence about it. My question is this (for those who supposedly do it). When you “communicate” with an animal, you never seem to ask the Lion, the alligator etc… why he would eat your *** alive if you were to get too close. You always say stuff like, “well, little Freddy the alligator is saying that he would like more food, and that he doesn’t like Betsy the alligator over there. I am a healer, I have seen raw proof thousands of times of the legitimacy of such far out things, but I’m not sure about animal communication. Why does the animal talk to you sweetly from a distance, but if you were to get too close, he’d beat the living *___ out of you. And please, no comments from closed minded, fanatical people or jokesters. Thank you
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My dog has signed to me that he is curious about how thick your calves are. He has a habit of biting people who come into our yard (his and mine), you see, and wants to size you up, as it were. OK, it is a “sort of” hobby for him. He managed to take a really good-sized plug out of the mailman a few years back and I had to get the d*mn thing stuffed and mounting for the library wall in his doghouse. He really is proud of it, short curly hairs and all. But, that’s how dogs are, you know!Thanks in advance for your serious response to my serious answer.
not closed minded just not crazy. PSSt animals can’t communicate like that
You’ll get a much better answer emailing an animal communicator and asking them that question. To tell you the truth, I really don’t have a clue.
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