Has anyone tried using homeopathic means to deal with depression?

Q:also has any one experienced weight GAIN from taking an antidepressant ?
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Because depression deals with brain chemistry theres not alot of good Homeopathic treatments. However you can try Jethro Kloss’ great book called “Back to Eden” or any number of other great books at your public library. Good luck with your depression! I have and it worked but I had to take time to think about where my depression was coming from and if there was anything I could do for myself to help my treatment. It would depend if this is a major depression or a situational depression but I found some interesting treatments; Common homeopathic remedies for depression include: Arsenicum album, Aurum metallicum, Calcarea carbonica, Causticum, Cimicifuga, Ignatia amara, Kali phosphoricum, Natrum carbonicum, Natrum muriaticum, Pulsatilla, Sepia, and Staphysagria
I agree with the homeopathic options others have offered so far. One thing that I would ad is that it is equally important to treat depression *holistically* that is, with mind, body and spirit in mind. Taking a drug, or even a homeopathic alternative, only addresses the symptom expressed, which is the feeling of depression. When treating this feeling, it is very important to address the mind (what is causing this feeling? Is it specific like a person, event or circumstance? What makes this feeling subside? Include much more activities which have the effect of making that feeling go away.) Also address the spiritual aspects (Why am I here? Why are humans here? Is there/ who is the Creator? How do I fit into that? etc)The treatment of the body must be in concert with the mind and spiritual treatment, no one aspect should be emphasized more than the other. The depressed should eat very healthy, only fruits and vegetables, meat sparingly, and next to no sweets or junk. They should also work out, however they like. If they don’t like to run and lift weights, try yoga, or ballet, or soccer, or swim, or whatever they like and can make a routine out of.Just treating the symptom of depression is futile. The human being is not fractured little *symptoms*, everything about us is connected. To treat depression, you must treat the whole person. yes try st johns wart. takes a while but does work
One of the things that I found out when researching depression when my son had it was the need to increase folic acid in the diet. (dark green leafy veggies, fish, etc.) Also, try yoga and tai chi as well as taking things internally. I teach aquatics and teach yoga (yoqua) and tai chi (ai chi) in the water. I have a number of people who take my class to help with bi-polar problems, pain and depression. By learning relaxation techniques, deep breathing and meditation they are able to control their conditions somewhat. Be careful with any supplements, homeopathic drugs, etc., just as you would other drugs as things can interact. I always suggest talking to your doctor or counselor before trying anything that you ingest. email me for more information on this..really. Homeopathy Treats the patient not the disease to know what is the best remedy for you is what is the best remedy for your depression .State the state of your depression and an appropriate remedy can be found pronto ! And Homeopathic remedies whether anti depressant or not cannot make you gain weight.Give your details about yourself and your depression for a correct remedy and answer.Take Care and God Bless
yea.antidepressants cause weight gain. They are also extremely addicting.ive been [email protected] now free from antidepressants after having gone through the program outlined by www.theroadback.orgfeel free to im or email me
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