Is there a medication to assist with stopping to smoke?

Q:I have set a target date of Nov. 4, 06. When I quit drinking (praise the Lord) I had been given campral. This helped alot. But it does not work with smoking according to the research I have done.I am not looking forward to the withdrawl. I am not wanting to become a screaming manic to my family. I do not want to go through the withdrawl only to fail and start smoking again. (Happened too many times with the drinking over the course of 20+ years). Can not afford on line support groups that I have seen.Can not afford the doctor. I am unable to make it to AA meetings so a stop smoking meeting will not work for me. I am hoping to find something along the line of pill form. Does any one have suggestions. Oh candies and gums are out also.
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you can try the patch, they come with varying strengths to help you through the withdrawal. there is a pill which helps called welbutrin but you need a prescription from a doctor
There is Zyban. It can have lots of side effects though.
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