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Q:Did you feel anything physically when you were first initiated?(first stage initiation)
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well, we all perceive the presence/effects of “subtle energy” differently. some feel “pressure” in a physical way. others experience an alteration of consciousness, yet others feel a “rush” sensation. there is no one universal experience. and, some have reported seeing colors and images during the first attunement, and the others as well. in all events, everyone usually feels that the experience is quite pleasant and uplifting. i experienced, in all of the attunements (i’ve had “3rd level” for 13 years now) energies moving through the top of my head and through my body–the heating up of my hands, and more energy coming out from them each time. in a sense the first level may be the least strong, since the idea is to open up the “internal energy body” in a gentle way, so as to not overwhelm it. most people are unused to “high quality chi” and too much can be unnsettling. anyway, the attunements are not a physical phenomenon, but act upon the subtle body, the one accessed in acupuncture, to increase the flow of subtle energy through you for your benefit and that of those you help..btw please see my “best answers”. on page 1or 2 are comments on reiki in response to questions that mention reiki. there is some info in one that would be helpful for you. best of luck with your reiki activities! I do not happen to remember the first time,but the 2nd and master levels YES.The last two were distance – I was not in the same place as the person who bestowed those levels on me, but YES, I did feel it.
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