Whats the best time of day to take vitamins?

Q:Whats the best time of day to take vitamins?
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it’s better to take it in the morning.
What i think and what i do is, since vitamins do not have side effects in our body, take it in the morning before breakfast as it will be well absorbed in the body.
Morning time with breakfast.
well last thing at night i would they have all night then to do there job uninterupted by food and drink
Best to take them with a meal or after, for sure.Most of the vitamins i have ever bought have always said and i have aslo heard it on several tv programmes.
Larger multivitamins are best taken half at a time twice a day. This allows your body time to absorb all the nutrients and not waste any. If your body has more than it can handle at one time, it will just get rid of it and you’ll just pee it out. You can cut a vitamin in half with a knife.
I think it is best to take with meals. Not perhaps if eating late though – as some of the b vitamins can keep you awake. Maybe breakfast then – if you have a substantial one. If not, then lunch. Think that’s covered it!
First thing in the morning.
During your breakfast !
at night. Body absorbs what it needs as it recharges for next day.
I always take my supplement regimen after a morning workout, and then breakfast.With food is always good..especially if your vitamin/supplement is worth it’s weight in potency, otherwise you’ll likely get a few minutes of nausea as the pill is disintegrating.
EARLY as soon as you get up with lots of water!have a great day!
nutrition tends to act for about 5 hours cycle. So the best way to take vitamins is three times a day, breakfast, lunch, dinner. If you are really nutritionally depleted with poor diet, maybe take another set of tabs when you go to bed, so that you wake up with energy, as you had nutrition to absorb through the night.
When taking fat soluble vitamins and minerals, it doesn’t matter when they are consumed as long as they are consumed with a meal. When consuming water soluble vitamins, it is best to take in the morning.To make it easy, all vitamins and minerals are fat soluble except vitamin Bs and C. Fat soluble simply means they are stored in the liver until needed. Water soluble means they are not stored and are used throughout the day depending on the type of vitamins. When the body does not require these vitamins, they will be excreted in your urine. When consuming water soluble vitamins (Bs and C) it is best to find a “time sustained” or “time released” vitamin. This simply means it’ll slowly be released in your body throughout the day as needed. Otherwise, consuming a regular vitamin B and C can be excreted within hours. This is why it’s important to eat fruits and vegetable throughout the day.
Vitamins always get absorbed better on a full stomach, so after a meal is best – and I take them after breakfast, so they are ‘out of the way’.NB, however: Vitamin C is destroyed by heat, so don’t take Vit C tablets too soon after a hot drink – take a 1/2 glass of water first if in doubt.
Dose not really matter so far as vitamins go. Some people take them at bedtime to keep from dealing with upset stomach, if that even occurs.Prescriptions on the other hand need to be taken when prescribed to take.
Dont take the B vitamins in the evening, they help your body’s uptake of energy from the foods you eat and you will find you are unable to sleep. Best to take vits in the mornings.
Take them with plenty of water but not with any other medication such as the pill as vitamin c can interfere with some other medications. Otherwise, any time is fine, but usually stick to same time each day, so as not to overdo them. Leave 24hrs in between for example.
after you eat so they are absorbed with the food and don’t go right through you
Its best to take vitamins with meals because the body is absorbing vitamins and nutrients as you eat. It doesn’t matter what time of day you take them though as long as you are taking them regularly.
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